Go For the Gold With This Olympics Drinking Game

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Let's face it, not everyone is a huge fan of the Olympics. Sure, watching some of the world's most talented athletes compete for the ultimate glory of honoring their nations is compelling to some. But if you're like some people, nothing really interests you unless it's a sport signified by a bunch of capital letters.

For those who may need a true reason to follow the 2012 London Summer Games, we may have the answer.

Of course, you can turn anything into a drinking game - it just takes a little bit of hard work and ingenuity. But this Olympics drinking game is readymade for your borderline-alcohol abusing pleasure, courtesy of the Cheezburger network.


On a scale of teetotaler to David Hasselhoff, I'm going to give the prospects of this game a drunk Jeff Goldbulm. it definitely has the potential to turn your night into an early one. The "didn't stick the landing," "Michael Phelps," and "Sob story montage" are bound to occur numerous times throughout any broadcast. But that's just taking a drink.

Taking a shot for every balance beam fall, gymnast of dubious age, and casual nationalism is a cruel, cruel proposition. Good thing that the instances listed under "Chug! Chug!" are all pretty rare. Otherwise you might find yourself as obliterated as Michael Phelps taking down a five dollar footlong.

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