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Interesting Discussion About Linkbait Games

The concept of linkbait exploded during the Las Vegas PubCon, thanks in large part to the drinkbait game. While it’s true there were a number of sessions devoted to concept, seeing it in action in the form of game based on getting your picture taken hammered the whole idea home.

Fantasy Games Online

On Friday last week, there was a great piece by Julia Beizer in the Washington Post Express about a different category of fantasy games that offer an alternative to Fantasy Football.

Want Free Games? Have Some Porn Too
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No one in their right mind would offer free game downloads for kids that comes with porno-popping adware right? And surely another right-minded entity wouldn’t allow such a proprietor to sponsor their kid-targeted webpage right? Wrong on both counts. Warner Brothers and Zango, what were you thinking?

MTV Playing Games With Xfire
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Viacom has decided to pick up gaming tool developer Xfire for $102 million, and place it under the MTV Networks division.

Cool Stuff for Developers Over on Scotts Blog

Scott Guthrie is a general manager at Microsoft. One thing I like is his blog. It’s been getting more and more popular with developers over the past few months.

Nintendo Plays Mind Games With Old Folks
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Like Rock N Roll in its infancy, video games have drawn traditionalist ire as the societal ruin de jour. The more progressive of us, however, have noted that any exercise in creative fantasy is healthy-we’ve even theorized that they help sharpen some very important parts of the brain. As illustrated in Japan, Nintendo thinks so too.

Online Games Soon To Be Spectator Sport

Don’t call me a prophet. No, not yet. But in 20 years remember this article and how you were told it would happen. Imagine sitting down to catch a pay-per-view soccer match. The team: Manchester United. So what? The team is digital and controlled by a Simon, a 16-year-old kid in Santa Fe. He’s playing against Kim’s Peruvian All Stars in Seoul. You paid $18 to watch a video game soccer match.

Visa Blogs Torino Games from Canada

David Jones reminds me via email that Visa also has a blog program going in Canada called Visa Olympics of the Imagination.

Xbox Media Center Too Hard For Most?

Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research has an article about the Xbox 360′s Media Center capabilities, and declares that, "[m]ost consumers simply will either lack the technology or skills to make this thing connect properly".

AtomShockwave Dropping Ads Into Games

The marketing quest for the young male demographic continues, as AtomShockwave announces it will put ads in its games.

How Weblogs Inc Games Technorati

It just occured to me: You know those posts Weblogs Inc feeds us about once a week, the ones that tell us “The Best Of Weblogs Inc”? They’re all gaming Technorati.

Spielberg Playing Games With EA

Legendary directory Steven Spielberg and electronic gaming leviathan Electronic Arts announced a long-term agreement to collaborate on three new original franchise properties.

More Xbox 360 Games Announced

Activision, Take-Two, Bizarre, and Microsoft’s Rare will have games joining a quintet from EA on the shelves when the 360 arrives.

MSN Chips Phishing Filter Into Toolbar
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Two new add-ins for the MSN Search Toolbar provide phishing protection and one-click access to online MSN games.

Fake Yahoo Games Site Phishes For Users

Someone apparently set up a site on Yahoo’s GeoCities hosting to try and scam people into entering login information.

Yahoo Not Playing Games With Search Future

Yahoo! isn’t lying down in the battle for search supremacy. They’re in it tooth and nail, scrapping with Google and MSN to build a search engine reflective of the $500 million annual engineering budget allocated to procuring the brightest talent from college campuses as well as more high profile search masters like Prabhakar Raghavan. Raghavan’s goals are lofty, stuffed with rhetoric that includes ambitions of Nobel Prize winning search technology.

Ads Becoming Massive Presence In Games

New York-based Massive Inc., a provider of the first video game network, can deliver in-game ads with full video and sound.

Sony Inks Deal For Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune Web Games

WorldWinner Inc will develop games based on Sony Pictures Digital’s two top syndicated series.

Microsoft Not Playing Games In Non-Competion Suit

Software giant Microsoft has filed suit against search giant Google over the alleged poaching of Microsoft top executive Kai-fu Lee to head up a Google research lab in China.

2012 Olympic Battle Over: London Claims Games

London takes home the gold for 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) made their announcement on Wednesday, just a couple of hours ago. The competition pitted cities like Moscow, Paris, New York, Madrid and London against one another to prove which city could do the best job of hosting the international spectacle.

Apple’s Halo: Running Windows Games On A Mac

The ability to install Windows XP on a partition residing in an Intel based Mac opens up new software possibilities.