Modern Warfare 3 Sparks Violent Incidents On Launch Day

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Yesterday was the big launch day of the much-anticipated installment of the Call of Duty franchise, Modern Warfare 3. And while many happy gamers were laying claymores, capturing positions, and launching predator strikes, some guys were reacting rather poorly to their inability to get their hands on a copy.

First up, in beautiful Colorado, a 31-year old man was charged with disorderly conduct after he made quite the scene at a local Best Buy.

According to Colorado's 9News, Lomorin Sar became a little angry with Best Buy employees when his copy of Modern Warfare 3, that he reportedly pre-ordered, wasn't there. The store had sold out, and Sar didn't take the news very well. Witnesses say that he asked the employees when they were leaving work, saying that he would shoot them in the parking lot.

If that wasn't enough, he also threatened to blow up the entire store.

Officers punnily described the situation as a man wanting to perform a little of his own "modern warfare."

For the next incident of MW3 violence, we look to Missouri. The Kansas City Star says that a man has been arrested after he attempted to take a man's copy of the game at gunpoint.

David Morales reportedly visited a local GameStop in order to purchase the new shooter. When he saw that he would be waiting in a pretty long line, he thought that he should just wait for someone to walk out the door and take it from them.

When he spotted his victim Adam Freeman, Morales followed him home to his apartment, where he used his Ford Explorer to block Mr. Freeman in. Morales pulled a gun and demanded that Freeman hand over his prized purchase.

"F*ck You," said Freeman and after a scuffle, Morales fled the scene empty handed.

Then, in an act of pure genius, Morales went back to the same GameStop. Police later found him there, standing in line to buy the game.

Listen guys, I've played the game already. It's good. It's a whole lotta fun. But it's not worth the court fees - or the public embarrassment.

At least they aren't alone in their rage. Hitler was quite incensed when he found out that one of his soldiers had failed to retrieve him a copy of the game -

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