Twitter’s Flock Developer Series & Hatch Contest: What You Need To Know

Twitter’s Flock Developer Series & Hatch Contest: What You Need To Know

By Chris Crum January 15, 2015

Twitter is wooing developers more than ever in 2015. It’s hard to believe, but the company only recently held its first-ever developer conference, Flight. The October event saw the unveiling of Twitter’s Fabric developer kits and Digits sign-in. There are …

Flock Works With MySpace On OpenID

Good news for those who are users of the Flock browser, the company announced today that it now supports OpenID.

Flock worked with MySpace and Vidoop to develop OpenID in the browser. Flock says that it now offers the most comprehensive discovery and management capabilities for OpenID currently available.

OpenID for Flock is now available to all Flock 2.0 users as an alpha extension. It’s available for download at https://extensions.flock.com and http://vidoop.com/labs/.

StumbleUpon, Flock Celebrate Earth Day

Popular content discovery network StumbleUpon and social web browser maker Flock promoted an ecologically aware message with their activities on Earth Day.

WordPress – Extra Text Editing

A client asked me today for more control in their Wordpress control panel. Specifically, when posting they wanted to control the font sizes, colors and do a bit more. As a designer I always freak at that question as I think the code is going to be filled with massive amounts of font tags and out of order strong tags and ohhh the madness. But, then again, maybe I’m overreacting.

Easy Social Media Optimization via Photos

In case you haven’t noticed, social media optimization (SMO) is the new big search marketing term. I think you’ll be hearing a lot about it this year and thought I’d give you an easy tip to get started.

First think you need to know is what social media optimization is. Basically, it’s just getting exposure and traffic from social media sites like Digg, del.icio.us, MySpace and many others. For a more in depth explanation, check out the new rules for social media optimization.

Do You Use Desktop Blogging Software?

Desktop blogging software allows you to open up an application on your computer, connect to your blog and write from the comforts of your desktop.

Blog from Performancing for Firefox

This is very nice indeed – Performancing, an extension for Firefox 1.5 that enables you to use write a post and publish it to your blog just by using Firefox.

Blogging with Flock

For the past couple of days, I’ve been playing with Flock, the new web browser. Not so much for its capabilities as a browser – and it is pretty good at that – but more its capability as a blog editing tool.

The Spate of Social Bookmarking Sites

The always-interesting TechCrunch blog has a profile of Shadows, yet another social bookmarking service that’s getting rave reviews.

Flock Available For Test Drive

The hotly anticipated Flock browser, developed by some of the same folks that had they’re hands in Mozilla’s Firefox, is now available in beta release for the eagle-eyed scrutiny of the nit-pickiest code monkeys.

Flock Not Ready for Primetime

Last night I tried out Flock, a new Mozilla-based browser that’s getting a ton of buzz.

Biz Week Buzz Stirs Flock Frenzy

Flock, the Web 2.0 browser sensation that hasn’t even shipped its flagship browser to the public yet, got still more golden PR from another big media outlet, this time from Business Week.

The Week That Was

Insane. That’s probably the best word I can use to describe this week. The second annual Web 2.0 conference has reached its close and while hanging out at the conference …

Will Bloggers Flock To Flock?

Later this month, Flock Inc.-a startup running from a garage across the street from Stanford University-will release the Flock web browser.

Flocking To A New Browser

Some buzz is building around Flock, a web browser built with blogging and social networking in mind.

Flock Web Browser: Could it Supplant Firefox as Browser of Choice for Cool Kids?

Believe it or not, Firefox 1.0 has been around for less than a year. In that short time, it has gained at least 10% of the browser marketshare and spurred Microsoft to finally bring back Internet Explorer from its innovation stasis.