Flock Makes Upgrade To Chromium 7

Social Media

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Social web browser Flock has released a new Chromium 7-based version of its browser on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Flock says its new 3.5 version offers greater ease of use and faster performance, likely in response to its recently launched competitor RockMelt.  The company says it has reached an installed user base of  over 9.5 million users globally and calls itself “the social browser market leader.”

Users of the browser can view their social content via a Flock Sidebar, which includes tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn status updates, RSS feeds, and YouTube and Flickr content.

New Flock from Flockstar on Vimeo.

“We’re seeing great overall growth in users and engagement, including 57 million new activities conducted within new Flock per day, and over 4 billion activities over the last four months,” said Shawn Hardin, president and CEO of Flock.

“Our growth is 100% user-powered: 83 percent of our users say they have already recommended or intend to recommend the new Flock browser to their friends and family.”

The new Flock browser has been cloud-based with an API since June 2010. Flock for the Mac supports Leopard and Snow Leopard OSX and will be available on December 1. The PC upgrade on Chromium 7 will automatically be updated for current New Flock users or can be downloaded.