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Kenyans Reading Celebrity Tweets Is More Depressing Than Anything

People on YouTube are calling this clip racist. It’s not. But I can see how one might think that if they just kind of watched the first few seconds and didn’t really think about it. Depressing is really the right word here. Watching people in a poor, developing country read the meaningless, inane bullsh*t spewed out by first-world celebrities is …

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People In Haiti Read #FirstWorldProblems Tweets

Ad Agency DDB New York has teamed up with nonprofit WATERisLIFE to take advantage of all those #FirstWorldProblems tweets and spread an actual message: Your “first world problem” aren’t problems. The effort has led to a bunch of videos of Haitian villagers reading aloud #FirstWorldProblems tweets, which the agency is then tweeting back at the authors of the tweets. This …

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BlizzCon 2012 Has Been Canceled

You might want to sit down for this news, especially if you’re a fan of Blizzard. BlizzCon 2012 has been canceled. Citing a jam-packed schedule on their blog, Blizzard has opted out of holding their annual convention of all things Blizzard this year. They will use the time to focus on all the products they have coming out this year …

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