I-15 Bridge Collapse Caused by Fire

I-15 Bridge Collapse Caused by Fire

By Sean Patterson May 6, 2014

The Ranchero Interchange section of Interstate 15 near Hesperia, California is closed following a fire on a bridge section of the roadway. I-15 is a major U.S. highway that connects Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Both lanes of traffic on …

Amazon Fires Have Destroyed Almost 3 Percent Of The Rainforest Amazon Fires Have Destroyed Almost 3 Percent Of The Rainforest

Amazon fires are a major threat to the world’s largest rainforest, but we’re only just beginning to understand how fire spreads there. NASA recently released a study that looked at understory fires burning in the Amazon rainforest between 1999 and …

Houston Fire Critically Injures 2 Firefighters Houston Fire Critically Injures 2 Firefighters

Houston firefighters this afternoon responded to a fire at a Bhojan Restaurant in Houston. According to the Houston Fire Department, the blaze injured four firefighters, who were take to hospitals in the area. The call for the fire went out …

Naked Bathers Flee Fire in China Naked Bathers Flee Fire in China

In a life or death situation, emotions such as embarrassment and pride can always be ignored. Bathers in a Chinese bathhouse did just that this week as flames began to engulf the building where they were lounging around in their …

Google Maps Used To Show Oil Spill

It’s unfortunate that they’re getting so much practice, but people are, in any event, learning to document disasters with Google Maps and Google Earth.  The latest problem to get this treatment is the San Francisco oil spill.

Google Used To Track California Fires

Google’s products and services can’t don fire gear or grab a water hose.  But people are still using them in ways that will hopefully reduce the impact of the California fires.

Eons Fires One-Third Of Staff

Mass firings can make people nervous – it’s only natural to wonder who’s next.  The remaining employees at Eons are apparently feeling peaceful, however, following a reorganization that saw 24 of their colleagues go.

Microsoft Fires Back At EC

The brinkmanship being played between Microsoft and the European Commission escalated as the world’s largest tech company responded to a Statement of Objections from the EC.

Google Maps Hybrid Fires Back At MSNs Virtual Earth

Though MSN’s Virtual Earth has been called the “Google Maps Killer,” that moniker may be a little premature in light of Google’s answer to the challenge. As the beta for VE is launched, Google steps it up a bit with Google Maps Hybrid mode.

Google Fires Back At Microsoft

It appears as if the competition between Microsoft and Google is about to step-up in intensity at least from a legal standpoint.

Micosoft Fires Back At Google R&D Hiring

“If you join em, we’ll sue em” seems to be the attitude Microsoft is adopting towards chief rival Google (sorry Mac users) at least when they are dealing with MS employees jumping ship to join the Google family.

Sun Fires Salvo At Microsoft, IBM RFID Initiatives

Sun recently announced a new version of its Java-based software, RFID ME, for RFID readers.

Oracle Fires Almost Half of PeopleSoft

After acquiring the company on January 7, Oracle has now fired 5,000 of PeopleSoft’s employees of which there were only 12,000 to begin with.

Risk Mangement Reduces Project Fires

Fires often result in projects when there is a breakdown of trust and communication between the stakeholders: team members, project manager, sponsor(top management of your own organization), client.