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Here’s a Creepy 14-Tweet Story from R.L. Stine

It doesn’t take a lot of words to tell a creepy, compelling tale. Short fiction writers know this, and they’ve been using Twitter as a medium for their brief–but-–powerful stories for years. Twitter’s recently embraced this – even holding its own fiction festivals. R.L. Stine, master of scaring the living shit our of children, has used Twitter to tell stories …

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Costco Sorry for Putting Bible in Fiction Aisle

A Costco store branch in Simi Valley, California is under fire after a local pastor discovered that Bibles had been cataloged in the fiction section of the books aisle. Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach of Discovery Church, was browsing for a gift for his wife when he came across Bibles labelled as “fiction.” He then took to Twitter, adding the caption, “Costco …

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Costco Bibles Labeled As Fiction

The Costco in Simi Valley has issued an apology after a pastor snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter of a Bible labeled as fiction. Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach was browsing through Costco, searching for a gift, when he saw something that caught his eye…a bible with a $14.99 fiction label. He took a picture of the Bible and posted …

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Twitter to Hold Its Own Fiction Festival, a “Virtual Storytelling Celebration”

Twitter has changed a lot of things when it comes to how the world receives information. It’s most definitely turned journalism on its head by making everyone an amateur reporter, and it’s also affected the way people communicate in real life – 140 characters is a hard constraint to shake off. But fiction? Could Twitter become a place for great …

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Awkward Meetups In The Nerd World

(image) Ironman vs. Batman Ever had that awkward moment where you run into someone like an ex-girlfriend while you are out on a date? Or run into your boss when you are calling in sick? Those kinds of awkward moments are what life is made of. And this set of images falls in line with the UFCF piece that I …

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