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Sh*t Android Fanboys Say: The Other Side of the Coin

Back in September, we brought you the two-part saga, “Shit Apple Fanatics Say” – eight or so minutes of remarkably accurate utterances from most of your Apple fanboys friends. “Gestures.” “It just works.” “It’s revolutionary.” You know, stuff like that. But we shouldn’t forget that Android users, the other side of this needless technological squabble, can also be quite the …

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More Sh*t Apple Fanboys Say [VIDEO]

Last week we brought you “Shit Apple Fanatics Say Pt. 1,” four minutes of spot-on musings from every single Apple-loving friend that you’ve ever known. Now, because Apple fans always have more to say about their beloved products, we’re treated with “Shit Apple Fanatics Say Pt. 2.” I mean, let’s be honest. How many of you haven’t heard someone say …

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Sh*t Apple Fanatics Say; It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True

Here is a concise (and relevant) list of things that annoy me: Apple fanboys; Android fanboys; Those “Shit ____ Say” videos; People who continue to share those “Shit ____ Say” videos; Making lists. On that note, here’s a viral vid that may appeal to everyone. I know, it’s another “Shit ____ Say” video, but it’s pretty funny. We’ll let it …

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3D Google Earth for Android Released, Incites Requisite Fanboy Bickering on YouTube

Now that Silicon Valley is in the throes of Google I/O‘s Garden of Techie Delights, many yummy fruits are dropping from the Google Trees this week. Continuing to roll out the upgraded 3D imagery to more platforms, the company has released a new version of Google Earth for Android with 3D imagery available for several cities in the United States …

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