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Tara Reid Shows Off Tight Tummy After Harsh Comments From Jason Biggs

Tara Reid doesn’t seem to be affected by Jason Biggs’ harsh comments about her botched surgery last week. On Saturday, Reid showed off her flat and tight tummy. The American Pie star came out in public sporting a cropped black …

Subway Jared Death Hoax Goes Viral

Jared Fogle, better known as “Subway Jared” or the “Subway Guy”, is the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax. On Monday, the news of Fogle’s “death” went viral with thousands of people taking to their social media accounts to …

Sara Ylen Fakes Cervical Cancer, Sentenced to One Year for Fraud

On Wednesday, a 38-year-old Michigan woman was sentenced to one year in prison for money fraud against a healthcare insurance company and generous local supporters. Sara Ylen of Lexington, Mich., accepted thousands of dollars in donations for years by publicizing …

Woman Photographs UFO in the Netherlands
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Somebody call Fox Mulder because we’ve got ourselves an honest-to-goodness x-file on our hands, thanks to a female amateur photographer. With that in mind, get out your “I Want To Believe” posters, because according to those who’ve reviewed the image, …

Fake Verified Accounts Aided by Twitter’s New Header Photo Fake Verified Accounts Aided by Twitter’s New Header Photo
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It’s nothing new for Twitter users to fake verification status, but Twitter’s recent profile redesign is making it easier and more convincing. Reddit user replicated spotted the trick, which uses Twitter’s new header photo layout to mimic the look of …

Fake NY Times Article Hurts WikiLeaks’ Credibility Fake NY Times Article Hurts WikiLeaks’ Credibility
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Journalism has many rules that its practitioners must abide by. There are the usual rules like don’t plagiarize and always confirm your sources, but there’s one that I think is the most evil sin of them all – making up …

Scammers Continue to Post Fake Facebook Videos Scammers Continue to Post Fake Facebook Videos
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It should be old news by now that if you see a questionable video on Facebook you probably should not click on it, and definitely don’t give any information or fill out a survey. But with the shear number of …

Ranking The April Fools Pranks On The Internet Ranking The April Fools Pranks On The Internet

April 1st, a day that some cherish and enjoy, while others scoff at all the false information being released on the internet. You then have the people in the comment sections which are proud for discovering which news is fake, …

Tony LaRussa Taking Twitter To Court Over Fake Account

It was only a matter of time before the lawyers jump on the Twitter Express. While might suspect that some big Hollywood celeb would be the one concerned with having their image “abducted” on Twitter it instead goes to a veteran Major League Baseball manager, Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Some of the coverage of this event portrays LaRussa as a guy with no sense of humor.

Evil Twitter Clones

twitterPerhaps it’s a sign that the site is reaching more mainstream popularity levels, but Twitter is fast becoming a haven for spammers. Accounts include semi-naked girls with just one link to an affiliate site to brands that use the service for nothing more sending direct messages to other users with a sales link.

Email Scams On The Rise?


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