Subway Jared Death Hoax Goes Viral

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Jared Fogle, better known as "Subway Jared" or the "Subway Guy", is the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax.

On Monday, the news of Fogle's "death" went viral with thousands of people taking to their social media accounts to pay their respects to the Subway spokesman, using the hashtag #RIPSubwayJared.

The hoax started on a fake website called "Jared S. Fogle, best known as the spokesman for the Subway sandwich shop "The Subway Guy" Born December 1st,1977 - Died yesterday at 4/;43pm EST," the site said. The website also included a fake obituary for Fogle, and listed his cause of death as "unknown."

Many fans were unaware that the news of Fogle's death was a hoax, and were truly devastated. However, there were several people who instantly realized what was going on and found it quite funny that people would make stories like this up.

When Jared heard the news of his death, he took to Twitter to assure his followers that he was, in fact, alive. "Every few months always odd to hear of my demise..However, I am indeed alive and well..thanks for all the concern. In NYC today," Fogle tweeted.

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