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NASA Report Explains Satellite Launch Failure

NASA this week released an eight-page report detailing all its engineers have learned about a failed satellite launch that took place on March 4, 2011. The launch of a Taurus XL T9 rocket, designed by Orbital Science Corporation, was meant …

Consumers Intolerant Of Ecommerce Failures

Around 87 percent of consumers conducting transactions online have experienced problems according to a survey commissioned by Tealeaf and conducted by Harris Interactive.

Google Spins Out Hard Disk Paper
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If you’re a hardcore hardware geek, then the work compiled in the 13-page paper by some Google engineers on the failure patterns of disk drives will be like a belated Valentine from the little red-headed girl.

Ask Points, Laughs At Google’s Failures


Napster Blames Microsoft For Own Failures

Napster CEO Chris Gorog is blaming Microsoft for his company’s inability to gain market share on Apple. Really?

Causes of ERP Failures
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ERP is the acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning ( http://www.sysoptima.com/erp/erp_definition.php ).

Failures to Avoid to Ensure Your Future Business Success

Every year thousands of people start a business. With more people stuck in dead end jobs and working for sub-standard pay, it always seems like the next logical step. They strike out with dreams of becoming financially independent, being paid what they’re worth, or being able to work their own hours.

First Time Project Managers Need Failures

Nothing succeeds like success, except in project management where nothing succeeds like failure.

Kernel Link Failures

That’s a pretty awful feeling, isn’t it? You’ve got to link a new kernel because you need to change a value or needed to add something, and it fails.

Copywriting Successes and Failures: A Comparison Of the Good and Bad

It’s about 7:00am and time to start my day. While my exact routine varies, one of the first things I always do is check email. As the flood rolls in, I have my finger poised on the delete button… aimed and ready to fire. But then something catches my eye.

Walt Disney’s Failures Could Inspire Entrepreneurs!
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If you are a struggling entrepreneur who sometimes feel like you are pushing a 3-ton boulder up a steep hill, costs keep mounting and you are considering giving up, check out the 10 setbacks that Walt Disney faced. Some were financial nightmares that put him millions of dollars in the red and others were just plain embarrassment.