Amazon Fire Phone Is Out of Stock and Most Likely Not Coming Back

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It looks like the great Fire Phone experiment is really over.

Amazon has had success in a lot of areas – making a smartphone that's desired by a device-hungry public wasn't one of them. The Amazon Fire Phone has languished on the company's product offerings for a little over a year, but there was always a feeling that Amazon didn't want to give up on it entirely.

But it looks like Amazon has truly given up on the Fire Phone.

Late last month, Amazon laid of dozens of engineers from the Fire Phone unit, and the Wall Street Journal reported that future development has been killed.

"At one point, the company planned a stripped-down Fire phone, but Amazon has stretched out its timeline for smartphone development indefinitely, people familiar with the matter said," said the WSJ.

And now, the Fire Phone is officially out of stock and it doesn't look like Amazon has any plans to restock.

Head on over to the Fire Phone page and you'll see both the 32GB and 64GB models as currently unavailable. "We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock," says Amazon.

The company confirmed to GeekWire that it sold out of its Fire Phone inventory at the end of August.

Amazon may not be completely done with making smartphones – but it's clear that the Fire Phone is not part of the company's future. RIP.

Josh Wolford
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