Facebook Awarded FacebookConnect.com Domain

Facebook Awarded FacebookConnect.com Domain

By Josh Wolford August 6, 2012 | 6 Comments

In 2008, Facebook announced the expansion of the Facebook platform with the launch of Facebook Connect – which allowed Facebook users to log in to websites, applications, and more using their Facebook profiles. As you can see, it’s all about …

Blekko Adds Facebook “Likes” to Search Results

Bing announced yesterday that it is integrating more Facebook "likes" into search results, but Blekko, the new kid on the block, is now also providing such data, courtesy of Facebook Connect. 

"Now log onto Blekko through Facebook Connect and you’ll be able to see whether or not your friends have ‘Liked’ a particular search result," a Blekko representative tells WebProNews. 

Can Yahoo Pull Off a Facebook-Like Invasion of the Web?

According to sources unnamed by the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo is going to introduce something called Y Connect, which would essentially be copying Facebook, not only in name, but in concept. This would be a Facebook Connect-like product that allows third party sites to let users access their Yahoo contacts info, much like you can do with your Facebook friends on a growing number of sites on the web. 

AT&T: Buzz the “Best Way” to Get Your Business in Front of Facebook Users

Update: AT&T Announced today that Buzz.com is now available to the pubic. To read more about the service, read our exclusive interview with AT&T about the services below.

Facebook Connect Has Impressive First Year

Facebook Connect has now been around for a year. In that time it has accomplished quite a lot, and perhaps allowed developers and webmasters to accomplish even more.

Facebook Connect Adds New Features To Service

As if propelling Facebook into world domination weren’t enough, Facebook Connect is branching out.

Facebook Connect Made Easier for Site Owners

Facebook has announced the launch of the Facebook Connect Wizard and Playground. These are tools that are designed to make it easier for website owners to integrate Facebook Connect into their sites.

Facebook Translates Websites and Apps

Facebook has announced translations for Facebook Connect, which a spokesperson for the company tells WebProNews, "simplifies and streamlines the process of translating a website into any of the more than 65 different languages Facebook currently supports."

"By opening the same framework Facebook used to translate its own site, passionate communities in countries around the world can translate some of the best websites and applications into their native languages," she says.

Data Suggests the ‘Connect Program’ was the Reason Behind Facebook’s Surge

In case you missed it, Facebook is pretty popular. As of June 2008, they’d beat MySpace in terms of total unique visitors worldwide (ballooning to twice as many uniques as MySpace in January 2009)—and even in the US, one of the few Facebook-is-#2 holdouts, Facebook has caught up to MySpace.

Nintendo DSi Gets Connected with Facebook
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The Nintendo DSi, which has sold over 1.7 million units in the US alone, includes photo and voice manipulation features. Today, users will have the ability to upload their stuff directly to Facebook.

Nintendo announced that after 5pm Pacific Time today, the Nintendo DSi will offer Facebook Connect photo integration. Users of the DSi system and the DSi Camera application will be able to take pictures with either of the system’s two cameras and upload their photos directly to their Facebook profile.

Facebook Connect Gets Nod From Orbitz
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It looks like Facebook’s made still more progress in terms of dealing with important companies.  Following earlier news about 1-800-Flowers.com, it turns out that the social network has become a friend of Orbitz.

Mimic the Inauguration with New Facebook Offering
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Facebook launched the Live Stream Box today, which is a feature that lets website owners and developers enable Facebook users to connect, share, and post updates in real-time as they witness events online. Think CNN’s Facebook integration from the Presidential Inauguration.

There’s Gold in Your Social Media Profiles
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WebProNews attended a recent Social Media Club gathering in Louisville, KY. Among the speakers at this event was the famous Chris Brogan, who talked about (among other things) Friendfeed, and why your social media profiles have value. Do you agree with the things Brogan says in the following clip? Share you thoughts.

Facebook Connect is Huge for Big Concert Events
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Update: C3 talked with Google about how they use Google Analytics also, if you’re interested in more about the company’s marketing efforts for these events.

Connecting Digg with Facebook
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Back when Facebook Connect launched, Digg was among the names mentioned that would be utilizing the feature. Nothing has happened with that (at least publicly) until now. Digg has now gotten connected with Facebook Connect.

Ad Network in the Cards for Facebook Connect?
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Facebook is "definitely" going to build an ad network for Facebook Connect that would allow users to sign-in to participating sites using their Facebook accounts, a source "familiar with Facebook’s long-term strategy" told Silicon Alley Insider.