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Facebook Awarded FacebookConnect.com Domain

In 2008, Facebook announced the expansion of the Facebook platform with the launch of Facebook Connect – which allowed Facebook users to log in to websites, applications, and more using their Facebook profiles. As you can see, it’s all about Facebook, Facebook, Facebook – which is exactly what Connect did to the internet. It made logging in through your FB …

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Facebook To Target Mobile Ads Based On App Usage [REPORT]

Facebook, always looking for ways to boost revenues from advertising these days, is set to roll out a brand new product in the next couple of weeks, according to sources. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that this new ad product will allow advertisers to target users based on the apps that they commonly use. The advertising option will be …

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MapQuest’s Going to Trust You Know How to Get Out of Your Neighborhood

Whenever you look up directions with a map service – it doesn’t matter which one you fancy, be it Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, or whatever – if you enter your address as the starting point, the directions will invariably tell you to head out of town by some route that surprises you. Maybe it’s because your natural disposition isn’t …

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Mozilla Introduces “Personas” Sign-Ins

Mozilla has introduced Personas, a project formerly called BrowserID. It is a multi-browser website authentication mechanism that is similar to Facebook Connect. The procedures set up by Personas allow users to login to websites that support their BrowserID signing and avoid lengthy verification processes. From the Mozilla Identity Blog: “The Persona name resonates with the idea of personhood as well …

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