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Facebook Acquires And Its Facial Recognition Technology

Facebook may not have applied for the .face gTLD, but the company has now acquired With this acquisition, however, Facebook is getting much more than a good domain name. The acquisition isn’t a total surprise. We’ve reported on rumors that Facebook might buy at least part of the facial recognition technology company, but apparently the freshly public social network …

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Facebook’s Might Come to Tag the Entire Internet

It was reported yesterday the Facebook acquired Israeli facial recognition app for roughly $100 million. The app is assumed to be capable of inadvertently bolstering higher mobile ad revenues by keeping better tabs on the social network’s book of faces. Though some think that once the computing power required to run quick facial search is up to speed, Facebook …

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Facebook May Buy (Part of) [RUMOR]

UPDATE: TechCrunch is now saying that this acquisition is a done deal. The rumor gears are getting warm in regard to Facebook. Of course, rumors are only fun because there’s an innate uncertainty about them that excites people into believing they know more than they really do. What’s more exciting than being able to predict the future? Getting deeper into …

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KLIK for iPhone: The First App With Facial Recognition Software

Last month, WPN’s Abby Johnson spoke with CEO Gil Hirsch about his company,, and the potential of facial recognition software. In her interview with Hirsch, they touched on the potential of facial recognition software being used with social media sites in such a way that it could go beyond simply identifying the person to whom the face belongs …

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Facial Recognition: Cool or Creepy?

Remember all the technology in movies such as Minority Report? At the time, it seemed so bizarre and futuristic, but some of it is beginning to seep into society. I’m talking about the phenomenon of facial recognition.

Read More Aims To Make Fake IDs Useless With Age Detection in API is adding age detection to its API. This news was delivered to us in an email with the subject, “Fake ID’s useless thanks to (college Freshmen mourn).” “Yep, no more lying about your age,” a spokesperson tells us. “Age Estimation was added to provide an estimation representing an age group for a detected face,” CEO Gil Hirsch …

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