Joey Votto Lands Record Multi-Million Deal With Reds

Joey Votto Lands Record Multi-Million Deal With Reds

By Amanda Crum April 3, 2012

Sorry, Dodgers; Votto isn’t going anywhere. The 28-year old first baseman has been on L.A.’s most wanted list for a while, considering he was about to be a free agent. But talks of securing him came to an end after …

Disabling Animations in Firefox

If you use Firefox but you dislike animated elements on web pages when you’re reading (like ads – increasingly served from Google AdSense, too), here’s what you can do:

Senate: No Internet Tax For Seven Years
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The moratorium on taxing Internet access will continue for another seven years, as the Senate reached a compromise days before the existing ban expired.

Mr Uptime Fights Social Media Disappointment

When a link suddenly becomes a hot destination thanks to being featured on places like Fark, Digg, or Reddit, the Firefox plugin Mr Uptime can signal when it is safe to visit that site.

After the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association

OK, I’m finally back in Salt Lake and able to take a few minutes to post about my recent trip to Milwaukee to present to the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA).

I am thoroughly impressed with the hospitality I was shown in Milwaukee. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming. I appreciate that very much. I intend to return to Milwaukee and see more of this great city.

More Link Data From Google Webmaster Tools

Have you been using the link data Google now provides through Webmaster Tools? Do you wish Google provided even more information? I know I do. Well Google hasn’t made any changes to the tool, but thanks to Joost de Valk you can now pull a little more data from all those links Google is reporting.

Link Developers and the Link Building Cycle

Better. Stronger. Faster. It’s important to constantly redefine link training techniques.

Link Developer Training on Link Building Cycle

Better. Stronger. Faster. It’s important to constantly redefine link training techniques. Understand the full value of links. Simplify the link value technique.

Wall Develops Firefox SEO Extension

Search engine optimization hall-of-famer Aaron Wall has developed an intensive SEO extension for Mozilla’s Firefox browser. The tool pulls data from a number of sources to offer search engine marketers “a more holistic view of the competitive landscape.”

Yahoo Site Explorer Firefox Extension

Thomas here and I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve released a Firefox extension called yExplore to quickly access the Yahoo Site Explorer.

Using the Power of Many to Fight Spam

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that we all hate spam. I bet even the spammers themselves hate receiving it.

Performancing Blog Metrics Launches

Nick has just announced the availability of Performancing Mertrics, which he describes as “a professional grade blog statistics service aimed at professional bloggers.”

Mozilla Extends Prizes To Firefox Winners

The contest to find the best of the extensions and their developers for the Firefox browsers yielded ten winners out of the over 200 submissions received.

Finally Got Gmail Chat

Google’s Chat in Gmail has been rolling out slowly to everyone, and now that I’ve got it, here are some screenshots and thoughts.

EU Denies Microsoft Extension

The European Commission has refused Microsoft an extension on fulfilling its antitrust ruling, one Microsoft has said it needs because of EC mismanagement.

KMLer ArcGIS 9 Extension for Google Earth
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I recently caught wind of a new ArcGIS extension from the developer of KMLer developed by Valery Hronusov Programming, Michael Barsky Mines Institute Ural branch of the Russian Academy of sciences..

Firefox Gets File-Sharing Extension
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A new Firefox extension has been debuted that incorporates peer-to-peer capabilities into the browser via a sidebar. AllPeers “combines the strength of Firefox and the efficiency of BitTorrent” to add media sharing to the long list of available extensions.