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Joey Votto Lands Record Multi-Million Deal With Reds

Sorry, Dodgers; Votto isn’t going anywhere. The 28-year old first baseman has been on L.A.’s most wanted list for a while, considering he was about to be a free agent. But talks of securing him came to an end after a game-changing deal yesterday, when the Cincinnati Reds extended Votto’s contract for another ten years and $225 million–the largest contract …

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Chrome Password Generator Aims To Protect Your Accounts

Passwords on the Internet are a necessary evil. They can help protect your accounts, but are easily stolen by various means. People, including myself, are also not very creative so we end up using the same passwords for every site making ourselves even more vulnerable. A new extension for Chrome seeks to remedy the problem. The Chromium Projects page features …

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Facebook: You Can Get the Old Look Back

Do the newfangled bells and whistles on on Facebook seem like just too much? Were you just getting used to things the way they were? Just got adept at reading through your friends’ stuff, and now you’re lost? Would you just like the old Facebook back? Well, if you use Google Chrome as your browser, you can. A browser extension …

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