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Jacques Cousteau’s Grandson Attempts ‘Mission 31′ Jacques Cousteau’s Grandson Attempts ‘Mission 31′

Fabien Cousteau, grandson of explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, is following his grandfather’s footsteps. Cousteau will be diving to a laboratory at the Aquarius Reef Base and will be spending 31 days living underwater. He will be making a documentary …

Ford Launches Explorer Road Trip Contest On Facebook

Ford has launched a social media campaign on Facebook to promote its new Explorer.

The campaign called “Go. Do. Adventures,” asks people what they would do and where they would go if they had a new Ford Explorer for a week.




Museum Of Natural History Launches iPhone App
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The American Museum of Natural History in New York City has launched a free app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad called Explorer.

The Explorer app uses Wi-Fi to act as an "indoor GPS" within the museum, pinpointing a user’s location and offering turn-by-turn directions through more than 500,000 square feet that features 45 permanent exhibition halls, theaters, restrooms, cafs, and museum shops.

IE and Google Chrome Browsers Get Upgraded

chrome-logoIn the past two days both Google and Microsoft have announced either changes or a new releases for their browser. Both are obviously touting improvements with speed being the main focus of Google and features being that of Microsoft.