Just Disable Java Already: Plugin Hit With Third Zero-Day Exploit This Year

Just Disable Java Already: Plugin Hit With Third Zero-Day Exploit This Year

By Zach Walton February 28, 2013 | 3 Comments

Oracle has had a busy 2013 so far as it has scrambled to fix dangerous zero-day exploits found in its Java browser plugin. The company will have no rest, however, as security researchers have found more exploits. Security research firm …

Use IE8? You'll Want This Exploit Fix Use IE8? You'll Want This Exploit Fix

Microsoft would love it if you used Internet Explorer 9, or IE10 on Windows 8. That’s not going to happen, however, as many users are still on Windows XP where Internet Explorer 8 reigns supreme. Those users are now under …

Microsoft Won't Fix This Internet Explorer Exploit Microsoft Won't Fix This Internet Explorer Exploit

With Windows 8, Microsoft promises that Internet Explorer is good again. The latest release, IE10, is being promoted through a self-deprecating ad campaign that encourages good will through humor. It’s looking like Microsoft is starting to take its browser seriously, …

Java Has Already Been Compromised... Again Java Has Already Been Compromised... Again

Oracle released a security alert yesterday in response to the recently discovered zero-day vulnerabilities that affected Java. Security Explorations were the first to discover the exploit back in April, but Oracle wasn’t going to fix it until their hand was …

Download This Java Exploit Patch Now Download This Java Exploit Patch Now

It was brought to the Internet’s attention on Monday that Java was susceptible to a pretty nasty exploit that could see a user’s PC infected with malware. It was later revealed this morning that Java knew about the exploit since …

Ocarina Of Time Completed In Less Than 25 Minutes Ocarina Of Time Completed In Less Than 25 Minutes

· 1 Comment

Exploits and bugs are sometimes a marvelous thing. They allow the player to access areas before they should be allowed to or just create all kinds of goofy problems with character animations or the geography. Sometimes an exploit is so …

Exploit Attacks Pro-Tibet Site Visitors

Online attacks focused on exploiting renewed controversy over the Tibet situation by delivering malware to visitors of sites favoring Tibetan separatist efforts.

Google XSS Exploit May Show Private Data

In the recent days, an unusually high amount of Google-related security issues have been reported on the web.

Yahoo Messenger Webcam Zero-Day Exposed

Online chatter about a vulnerability in Yahoo Messenger has proven accurate, as a flaw in the service’s Webcam capabilities can be exploited.

MyBlogLog Updates Features Due to Spammers

I feel bad for the guys at MyBlogLog. Ever since being acquired by Yahoo, they’ve not exactly had a comfy ride. Things escalated this weekend, with reports that spammers had found an exploit that allowed them to add themselves as "co-authors" on as many communities as they wished.

Harmful MyBlogLog Exploit

You know how when you goto peoples websites it knows your there? That is because of your cookie. Unfortunately that same cookie can also be used for a cross site script basically making you execute commands without your knowledge. I do not what to get into the exact code to make this work but I see people are doing it now.

If you look at my profile on MyBlogLog You will see 2 sites that I did not add.

There’s No I in Denuo

Publicis, a massive conglomerate of advertising and PR agencies, has formed a new standalone consultancy to help clients “exploit the rapidly changing digital, interactive and mobile communication environment.”

Veritas Exploit In The Wild

A patch has been made available for Veritas Backup Exec, which is vulnerable to a buffer overflow exploit.

Phishers, Email Viruses Exploit Tsunami Disaster

Adding insult to injury, virus writers and online phishing scammers have started exploiting efforts for the Tsunami aid for malicious means.

How To Exploit The Articles You Write And Milk It like Cash Cow Instantly

Can you create many articles related to your products? If you do, this marketing strategy is for you. You can easily move ahead of any competition.

Windows DCOM RPC Exploit

This is not a usual tutorial, but more of a “description of events” of the past few days. It began when Microsoft issued this bulletin.