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Google Motorola Deal Review Suspended By European Commission Google Motorola Deal Review Suspended By European Commission

The European Commission has suspended the provisional deadline for its review of Google’s proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Bloomberg obtained comment from both the Commission and from Google. A spokesperson for the Commission said the review will continue after it’s …

Google Could Face Massive Fine Over Antitrust Complaint in Europe Google Could Face Massive Fine Over Antitrust Complaint in Europe
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Google may face a fine “up to 10% of its annual turnover” if a report from dealReporter, published by Financial Times is accurate. That is, reportedly, if Google can’t settle with the European Commission in an antitrust investigation stemming from …

Facebook Privacy Questioned By European Commission – Facebook Reacts Facebook Privacy Questioned By European Commission – Facebook Reacts
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It appears that the European Commission is preparing to crack down on Facebook. According to a report from the Telegraph earlier this week, the EC is planning to introduce a new directive that would actually ban targeted advertising on the site.

Facebook Ad Targeting In Jeopardy in Europe Facebook Ad Targeting In Jeopardy in Europe
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It would appear that Facebook users may be getting more control over their privacy and how their personal information is used. Reports have indicated that the company is close to settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, which would keep Facebook …

Microsoft Confronts Google With Antitrust Complaint
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The phrase “wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy” apparently doesn’t apply to Microsoft’s antitrust-related examinations at the hands of the European Commission.  Late yesterday, Microsoft announced that it’s filing a complaint about Google with the organization. Microsoft’s own experiences …

Google, EU Said To Be In “Tentative Discussions”

The group that’s fined companies like Microsoft and Intel billions of euros in the past few years might reach a less harsh solution where its antitrust probe of Google is concerned.  Rumors indicate that Google and the European Commission are holding talks.

Note: these rumors are very much unproven, with even the unnamed source who leaked them indicating that negotiations aren’t far along.  Google could still be in a lot of trouble.

European Commission Widens Google Inquiry
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Google’s lawyers in Europe, who have been forced to deal with all sorts of investigations and inquiries over the past few years, have just had more obstacles dropped in their way.  A new report’s indicated that the European Commission will look into two antitrust complaints originating in Germany.

European Commission Turns Magnifying Glass On Google
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Google may soon find it necessary to send another plane full of lawyers across the Atlantic.  European regulators have decided to take a closer look at the company’s business practices in response to three separate antitrust complaints.

Report: EU To Approve Microsoft-Yahoo Deal
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The proposed Microsoft-Yahoo search partnership may soon be approved by one set of regulators, at least.  A new report indicates that the European Commission will give it a green light one week from today.

European Commission Clears Joint Venture To Fight Google
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For some time now, a sort of "Google vs. Everybody" situation has been developing in Germany.  The bad news for the search giant is that, as four online marketing agencies have prepared to team up, the situation’s continuing to take shape, and the European Commission is fine with it.

Microsoft Yahoo Deal Approval Gets Deadline in Europe

Remember that proposed Microsoft Yahoo search and advertising deal? It’s still awaiting regulatory approval, but it might be a step closer to its destiny soon, no matter which way it goes.

The European Commission has set a deadline for a decision on approval of Microsoft’s bid (via Reuters). The date is February 19, or exactly a month from today. The deadline was published yesterday within a list of other deadlines for other deals.

EC Still Researching The Microsoft/Yahoo Partnership

In a change of pace regarding the EC (European Commission) and their view of competition the early returns are that the partnership between Yahoo and Microsoft will not be given a difficult time gaining approval. While the EC has been a stumbling block to other deals including both companies in the past (Yahoo’s previous issue was when there was the propsect of a Google / Yahoo partnership – having Google attached to any competitive issue makes it more interesting for sure).

Microsoft Gives In On IE Bundling Issue

"You win, European Commission," Microsoft seems to have said.  Following months of fines and accusations, the Redmond-based corporation agreed today to offer Windows users access to browsers other than Internet Explorer from the very beginning.

European Commission Set To Rule Against Intel
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The European Commission is set to make Wednesday a fairly important day in Intel’s corporate life, according to multiple reports.  Unfortunately for the chipmaker, Wednesday will be important in a very negative sense, as it’s liable to face a huge fine and be forced to change some business practices.

Microsoft In Still More Antitrust Trouble

Microsoft apparently drew one step closer to getting in serious trouble with the European Commission yesterday.  This afternoon, the company admitted to finding out that the European Commission believes its handling of Internet Explorer has been breaking antitrust laws.

EU: Quaero Can Receive $152 Million

Over time, references to Quaero have become less and less frequent; it seemed that the French search project was more likely to fade from existence than challenge Google.  The European Commission has approved $152 million in state aid, however, so Mountain View might not want to forget about it.

European Commission Fines Microsoft Another $1.35B

"Ouch" doesn’t quite cover it.  The European Commission has fined Microsoft $1.35 billion (in addition to previous penalties) for not abiding by a 2004 antitrust ruling.

EU Approval Closer To Google, DoubleClick

Little whispers around Brussels suggest European Commission regulators will allow the big merger of online advertisers to proceed.

Copiepresse Sues EC Over Links

Google’s bete noire regarding linking to news stories is at it again, as Copiepresse filed a lawsuit in its backyard against the European Commission.

Opera Files Antitrust Complaint Against Microsoft

Oslo-based software maker Opera has formally complained to the European Union about Microsoft’s business practices.

Google Eager To Please European Regulators

The company’s DoubleClick deal hit an unexpected snag when European Commission members decided to draw out their review to April 2008.