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E-Trade Talking Baby Calls It Quits

If you can’t get enough of the talking baby from the E-Trade commercials, you’ll have to get your fix on YouTube from here on out because the little man is done. After using the baby for six years, E-Trade is …

E*Trade Gets A New CEO (At Least Temporarily) E*Trade Gets A New CEO (At Least Temporarily)

E*Trade has ousted CEO Steven Freiberg about halfway through is 4-year contract, as customer trading has not been where the company needs it to be. The company announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Chairman Frank Petrilli (pictured) interim …

E*Trade’s Stock Continues To Slide
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A lot of people will be taking a few days off around Christmas, and in most cases, a casual "see you later" will do.  We want to say "goodbye" to E*Trade, though, because the company’s stock is approaching $3 per share, and, well, that’s just not healthy.