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Kim Cattrall Urges U.K. Government To Preserve A Liverpool Park

Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall is clashing with Liverpool officials about the fate of a park in her hometown. A native of the city, the actress has been campaigning hard for the preservation of Sefton Park Meadow. Kim feels very strongly about the meadow, which the city is planning to sell off for development. The move has been …

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EPA Says Rolling Coal Is Illegal

If you’ve ever been stopped at a red light behind or beside a big truck, you know well the scramble to roll up the windows when that behemoth starts rolling and exhaust comes spewing from its stacks. If, like me, you are not given to fits of road rage, you figure this is an innocent side effect of driving a …

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Paul McCartney Urges Putin To Free Greenpeace Activists

Paul McCartney has decided to help out the Greenpeace activists that are being detained in Russia. The activists have been imprisoned for protesting drilling in the Arctic, and have since become known as the Arctic 30. There are 28 campaigners and two freelance journalists that are currently being detained. The Arctic 30 are facing charges of hooliganism, and were transferred …

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Ash Borer Beetle Spreading in Canada

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) this week confirmed that the emerald ash borer beetle has moved into Kawartha Lakes, Ontario. The discovery raises the number of Ontario counties the beetle has been found into 32, alongside seven in Quebec. The emerald ash borer is a green beetle species that originated in Asia, but has spread throughout many parts of …

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Google Maps Takes on the Street-less Views

When Google embarked on its mission to map out all of the world’s roads with Google Maps and Google Street View, it was an ambitious mission to make the most consummate map of human development and expansion. The company’s done pretty good for itself in covering that area. The paved portion of the world might see the most traffic (pun …

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