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Chrome Developer Tools Gets A Device Emulator

It’s been said before that the Web is Google’s platform of choice. That’s why they created Chrome – it allows them to deliver the Web (and ads) to millions of people. Now they’re making the push for mobile and as such, the Chrome Developer Tools need a few updates. Google announced today that the Chrome developer tools now supports device …

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Amazon Details The Kindle Fire HD Emulator

It’s been a little over two weeks since Amazon launched its latest Kindle device – the Kindle Fire HD. Developers are already hard at work crafting custom experiences for the tablets updated specs. Of course, developers might not have every device to test their apps on when it comes time to put the final touches on said app. That’s why …

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What If Android Powered The PlayStation Vita? It Would Look A Little Like This

If the Ouya has proven anything, it’s that people are excited about an affordable game console running on Android. Google’s open source operating system can be put on just about anything and companies are definitely taking advantage of that. A Chinese manufacturer has announced they are building the Droid X360. Unfortunately, it’s not an Android powered Xbox 360 with the …

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Android Emulator Getting Updates, Adds GPU Support

I absolutely adore emulators. They’re super fun to play around with and are incredibly useful when trying to figure out if a program or game is going to run on specific hardware. Android is one of those platforms that really benefits from an emulator since there are so many hardware variations running the operating system. Google has updated the Android …

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