Amazon Details The Kindle Fire HD Emulator

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It's been a little over two weeks since Amazon launched its latest Kindle device - the Kindle Fire HD. Developers are already hard at work crafting custom experiences for the tablets updated specs. Of course, developers might not have every device to test their apps on when it comes time to put the final touches on said app. That's why Amazon offers a great emulator for the new device.

The Amazon mobile app blog detailed the specifics behind the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch emulator today. They point out that an actual Kindle Fire HD is the best way to test for all possible problems, but the emulator should do just fine for the basic testing.

The Kindle Fire HD emulator is rather robust and features support for all the major Amazon mobile APis including GameCircle, In-App Purchasing, and Maps. The emulator is also capable of running multiple instances so that you can compare the same test results simultaneously.

To further help with game testing, the emulator supports GPU emulation. This will help developers get the most out of testing apps, mostly games, that use the graphics-intensive OpenGL API. You can learn more about GPU emulation here.

On a final note, the folks at Amazon suggest that developers test their apps as if they're signed in. This is because all Kindle Fires ship with the customers details already pre-registered to the device. The emulator, however, is not signed in by default. Developers can head to "My Account" under "Settings" to sign into their Amazon account in the emulator to ensure that the signed in experience is smooth and easy.

Interested developers can grab the emulator right now. Those same developers may want to review the documentation as well.

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