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Xbox 360 Emulation Might Show Up On The Xbox One

The Xbox 360 has one of the best game libraries of any game console. It’s a shame then that the console’s library can’t be played on the Xbox One. For fans of the console that bought an Xbox One, they have to keep the Xbox 360 out to play some of the upcoming games for the console. What if backwards …

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Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 Moves From Preview To Stable Release

In March, Firefox released a preview of the latest Firefox OS Simulator. Some developers may not have jumped on board for fear of it being an unstable preview build, but that fear is no longer valid as the stable build is now live. Mozilla announced this week that Firefox OS Simulator version 3.0 is now available to all as a …

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BlueStacks Android Emulation Comes To Surface Pro

The Surface Pro came out over the weekend, and the device is already selling out across retailers. Those who were lucky enough to get one may be disappointed, however, by a lack of apps. That’s where BlueStacks comes in. BlueStacks, the mobile company that brought Android emulation to Windows PCs last year, is now optimizing its Android emulation software for …

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Nintendo Announces Virtual Console for the Wii U

During today’s Nintendo Direct, the game company announced that the Virtual Console will be coming to the Wii U. Not all games found on the Wii Virtual Console will be available at launch, but the selection will no doubt quickly increase. The Wii U Virtual console will also feature cloud saves for games and the ability to play Virtual Console …

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Android Emulator Getting Updates, Adds GPU Support

I absolutely adore emulators. They’re super fun to play around with and are incredibly useful when trying to figure out if a program or game is going to run on specific hardware. Android is one of those platforms that really benefits from an emulator since there are so many hardware variations running the operating system. Google has updated the Android …

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