Pixar Layoffs Affect Nearly Five Percent Due to “The Good Dinosaur” Delay

Pixar Layoffs Affect Nearly Five Percent Due to “The Good Dinosaur” Delay

By Jasmine Allen November 23, 2013

Walt Disney Studio’s subunit, Pixar Animation Studios, has laid-off nearly five percent of its workforce due to delays of an impending film, “The Good Dinosaur.” Approximately 60 out of 1,200 workers at the Emeryville, Calif., location was cut from the …

Employment on the Rise: Career Builder Survey Employment on the Rise: Career Builder Survey

If you’ve been struggling through the past few years with this tough economy, there may be good news on the horizon. CareerBuilder.com has released the results of a new study that suggest the second quarter of 2012 will return us …

White House Invites Developers To Help In Job Search White House Invites Developers To Help In Job Search

Summer quickly approaches and while the season’s arrival heralds three months of unadulterated slothing and maybe some vacations for most students, many will take the opportunity to get some much needed job experience. To hopefully ease of the formative experience …

Employers Prefer Practical Training [Survey] Employers Prefer Practical Training [Survey]

Hey, college kids and recent grads: you’ll probably want a job soon, right? A real job. A “grown-up” job. Something with a generous benefits package. Heck, something with any benefits package. Maybe even a job that’s–dare you ask so much?–relevant …

Online Labor Demand Rises By Almost 40,000! Online Labor Demand Rises By Almost 40,000!

Great news for the economy, especially if you are a tech savvy online worker, almost 40,000 vacancies were reported for online positions since January. Yes, that’s right, if you’ve got some skills with technology and navigating online software there could …

Apple Supports 514,000 Jobs In the USA Apple Supports 514,000 Jobs In the USA

Forget about the jobs at Foxconn in China, there’s plenty of people to abuse right here in the United States. Just kidding. Today, Apple released its tally on how many jobs that they created or are supporting in the United …

How To Save Your Butt When The Social Media Bubble Bursts How To Save Your Butt When The Social Media Bubble Bursts

I am going to go on a rant. But first, while I still have my composure, allow me to tell you a short, yet relevant, story. I started my corporate career in the midst of an economic downturn for my …

Broadband Users Less Likely To Abandon Job Search

Americans who use the Internet are more likely to continue active job searches and less likely to drop out of the labor force than those without Internet access, especially among those who user broadband services, according to a new study by the Phoenix Center.

The study found broadband Internet users are at east 50 percent less likely to give up on job searches because of discouragement than those who do not use the Internet. Dial-up Internet users are about one – third less likely to drop out of the labor force.

Technology Industry Faring Better Than Most

The U.S. technology industry cut 115,000 jobs between January and June of 2009, a 1.9 percent decline, according to a new report by the TechAmerica Foundation based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

"The tech industry has suffered the full force of the global economic recession in the first half of this year, yet we believe it has weathered the storm better than most," said TechAmerica Foundation President Christopher W. Hansen.

Employees Overwhelmingly Confident About Layoffs
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Employees in the U.S. seem to overwhelmingly share a "it won’t happen to me" attitude when it comes to losing jobs. Glassdoor.com has released results from a survey, which found that 4 out of 5 employees have no concerns about being laid off in the next six months.

GlassDoor breaks it down into two categories – companies that have reported upcoming layoffs, and companies that have not:

Study: Pajamas More Comfortable Than Ties
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A new study about telecommuting echoes an old adage: Misery loves company. While the option of working from home makes employees happier and often more productive, it may have the opposite affect on those still stuck at the office.

Another Discussion About Deserting Googlers

Google has argued that everything’s just fine, yet the company seems to be losing employees like never before – a few important people, including Vanessa Fox, have certainly made other arrangements.  Several well-informed onlookers also seem to support the “greener pastures” theory.

Judging An Employee By Her Search Results

I’m hesitant to bring this up because it puts me at risk of being dropped into the Pollyanna Pond – business and idealism just don’t mix, I’m told. But I wonder if employers are missing out on some exceptional talent because of snap judgments and preconceived notions about job candidates.

Employment Site Traffic Has Ups and Downs

The first week of a new year, people want two things overall: a new body and a new job. Last week we found out that on New Year’s Day, visits to dieting websites spiked by 57 percent. By the end of the week it seems all that dieting is going toward a new suit as visits to job site jump by 31 percent.

Yahoo, Firefox Partner In Asian Market

In China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, the default homepage and search engine in Mozilla’s Firefox browser will be provided by Yahoo instead of Google.

Monster Releases Local Employment Index Results

Monster has released the results of its Local Employment Index for the month of July. They show that online job recruitment activity has declined in 14 of the top 28 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Trends in responding to on-line employment postings

Back in the olden days (5 years ago or so), the common way to reply to jobs on career Web sites was to e-mail employers your resume as the main initial contact method.