Apple Supports 514,000 Jobs In the USA


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Forget about the jobs at Foxconn in China, there's plenty of people to abuse right here in the United States. Just kidding. Today, Apple released its tally on how many jobs that they created or are supporting in the United States. It's actually quite impressive! Lets take a look at what they have.

Here's the facts right from their website:

"A study by Analysis Group found that Apple has directly or indirectly created 304,000 U.S. jobs.* These jobs — spread across all 50 states — include thousands of jobs in numerous industries, from the people who create components for our products to the people who build the planes and trucks that carry them to our customers. For example, this figure also includes workers in Texas who manufacture processors for iOS products, Corning employees in Kentucky and New York who create the majority of the glass for iPhone, and FedEx and UPS employees. Together with the 210,000 iOS jobs generated by the app economy, these 304,000 jobs make a total of 514,000 U.S. jobs created or supported by Apple."

In the next section I'll give you the highlights of the break down by sector or what Apple call, "The numbers at a glance":

U.S. Jobs Supported by Apple

304,000 current U.S. jobs supported by Apple:
* 47,000 jobs at Apple
* 257,000 jobs at other companies, in fields that include:
-the development and manufacturing of components, materials, and equipment
-professional, scientific, and technical services
-consumer sales
-business sales

The App Economy:

* 210,000 iOS app economy jobs in the U.S.
* 248,000 registered iOS developers in the U.S.
* 5000+ iOS developer jobs available now on job search aggregator
* $4 billion paid to Apple developers from App Store sales

Jobs at Apple:

* 70,000 employees worldwide
* 47,000 in the U.S., two-thirds of worldwide headcount
* 7800 U.S. jobs created in 2011
* 19,500 U.S. jobs added since 2008
* 7000 construction jobs projected to build Apple’s new Cupertino campus
* 50 states with full-time Apple employees

Apple Retail Stores:

* 27,350 U.S. retail employees
* 246 U.S. stores in 44 states
* 100+ locally hired employees per store on average
* 4000 retail employees in the Greater New York area
* 3500 U.S. retail employees who have worked at Apple stores for more than five years
* 20,000 construction-related jobs created to build Apple stores in the U.S. since 2001

U.S.-Based Customer Support:

* 7700 U.S.-based AppleCare Advisors
* 21 U.S. call centers in 15 states
* 2000 home-based AppleCare Advisors
* 600 advisors working for Apple while earning their college degrees

So there it is, Apple supports 514,000 jobs in the USA. You'll also be happy to know that there is a link you can click on to find currently available jobs at Apple. Get ready to work! Will it be retail or corporate?