Online Labor Demand Rises By Almost 40,000!


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Great news for the economy, especially if you are a tech savvy online worker, almost 40,000 vacancies were reported for online positions since January. Yes, that's right, if you've got some skills with technology and navigating online software there could be an open position for you. This may help thousands of unemployed workers focus their search.

Let me give you some stats on the high demand areas. In other words, where is the demand? Minnesota is up an unbelievable 108% since the beginning of 2010. Ohio is up 92% and Wisconsin is up 86%. Also of particular gain is Indiana, up 79%. It's not a solution to unemployment, but it could be a ray of sunshine for a few.

June Shelp, Vice President at The Conference Board commented on the surprising upward trend:

"In a positive sign the Supply/Demand rate dipped below the 3.0 level for the first time since November 2008,"

"This reflects both significant gains in labor demand as well as drops in unemployment levels since the end of the recession. Labor demand is up 227,000 over the past three months, continuing to narrow the gap between the unemployed and available jobs. With the monthly level of job demand around 4.4 million, labor demand is back in line with the pre-recession series high in 2007."

The various corners of the country have shockingly different trends in online openings so I'll give you a brief break-down of what's going on. I think it's pretty interesting:

The Northeast:

The northeast added 26,700 jobs including an astounding 12,100 in Pennsylvania. Some lost jobs some gained but overall a strong showing.

The South:

Online labor demand rose 23,800 in the south. This number was hurt by Georgia who actually lost over 2500 jobs.

The West:

The west panned-out pretty well and added over 21,000 jobs. California by itself approached the 60,000 jobs mark. Things are looking pretty good for them!

The Midwest:

The midwest did the worst and actually lost about 2,700 jobs since January including illinois, who lost over 3000 jobs.

Overall, the online segment of the economy seems to be on the right track and this should come as no surprise given what the hot selling products and services are right now. Technology is the future of America and we all need to be bringing our business models more inline with these trends.

Perhaps some segments of the economy will never recover in America and the truth is, we have priced ourselves out of many market. However If you look at the general trends, individuals and organizations are still investing heavily in technology despite making major cuts in other areas.