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Reddit Tries Out An Email Newsletter Reddit Tries Out An Email Newsletter

Reddit just announced the launch of its first ever email newsletter. It’s called Upvoted Weekly, borrowing the name of its recently launched Upvoted podcast. It’s opt-in (double opt-in, actually) and promises subscribers the “very best of reddit’s content curated, packaged, …

5 Potential Ways To Increase Email Signups 5 Potential Ways To Increase Email Signups

After all these years, email is still the most effective online marketing channel. Chances are you’re spending a lot of time trying to improve your search and social campaigns, but don’t forget how valuable email subscribers are. You need more …

Twitter Now Sending Out “Best-of” Emails Twitter Now Sending Out “Best-of” Emails

Don’t have time to waste time on Twitter? Now you can keep up with all of the people you follow with a “best-of” weekly email from Twitter. The micro-blogging service will now be sending out weekly email digests that will …

Kiss Your CSS Goodbye With Outlook 2007
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HTML emails and CSS formatting will take a huge hit when Outlook 2007 starts taking up positions on millions of desktops, and email newsletter publishers will have to take some extra steps to ensure their creations render correctly. But even that isn’t a guarantee against problems with that new email program.

Email Newsletters and Blogs

So I finally got a chance to catch my breath a bit and read some of the content on my “blogs I read” list.

Making Your Newsletter Readable

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen has some advice for email newsletter publishers: skip the intros and skip the geek lingo (among 165 other tips). Subscribers are scanners, not readers, still prefer email to RSS, and are quick to dump you for a competitor.