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Obama Uses The Web To Fight Rumors

There’s no doubt that democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama knows how to use the web to improve his chances of being elected this November. His campaign has used the internet to raise millions in funds and our own research has proven that Obama’s efforts have created a very positive online reputation.

Politics Online: Obama Has An Edge

Social networking, text messaging, and online video pulled in plenty of interested people looking for more details about the candidates for the US Presidential election in November.

Stanford bubbles up Presidential candidate opinions

If Internet users held a particular position about a candidate, Stanford University’s Management Science & Engineering department probably caught their opinions in a bubble. Through the use of real-time data firm Wise Window’s software as a service for qualitative data, …

Malaysian Bloggers Make Political Run
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Bloggers in Malaysia are having an impact on the political process as the country prepares for elections next month.

Three well-known bloggers, who are opponents of the ruling party that has been in power for fifty years, are running for the first time as candidates on March 8, counting on their online popularity to bring in votes.

Watch The Vote: Truveo Adds Campaign Videos

Video search site Truveo opened a new page, featuring Presidential candidate campaign videos from the official sites as well as unofficial ones created by supporters.

Search Titans Ready For Iowa Caucuses

The campaign for Presidential nominations began in earnest today with the first primary being held in Iowa. The major search engines have resources of interest for the politically inclined surfer to visit.

YouTube Touts Political Influence

2008 could be the year of the YouTube Election, an argument the video sharing site made based on the participation of candidates and voters.

Presidential Election: Follow The Money

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) opened its campaign contribution maps to Internet users who want to see who raised how much, and where they did it.

Yahoo Buzzes With Presidential Politics

A political dashboard from Yahoo shows who’s being favored in the major Presidential polls along with various trends and analysis of the candidates.

Google Follows Australian Election To The End

For fans of Kevin Rudd, the end of Australia’s elections was anything but bitter.  But Google was nonetheless there, continuing the election coverage that it first announced in September.

Digg Unearths Presidential Candidate Tracking

Users of Digg can keep an eye on how candidates (or presumably their campaigns) interact with stories appearing on the social media site.

Google Australia Prepares For Election

As much as we’re bombarded with political claptrap in America, elections may be an even bigger deal in Australia, where voting is compulsory.  As a result, Google Australia is keying up for the coming federal election.

Internet Is Australia’s Election Battleground

No one’s claiming that a solid presence on Facebook or MySpace is, by itself, enough to win an election.  But it certainly doesn’t hurt, as Australian politician Kevin Rudd has discovered.

MySpace’s Impact On Politics

Back in March MySpace launched the Impact Channel, a political community dedicated to the 2008 presidential election. WebProNews spoke to MySpace about its role in the 2008 presidential election.

Google Looks Closely At Australian Elections

Sick of American politics?  Well, this may not make you feel any better, but Google’s got a brand new website offering a detailed view of the Australian equivalent.

It’s Official: Blogs Are Media

Forget waiting for some federal shield law to be passed: the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has determined in two separate rulings yesterday, that blogs are, in fact, media, as reported by TechCrunch.

DailyKos Receives FEC Media Exemption

The prominent liberal bias of the DailyKos site has long infuriated conservatives, but the Federal Election Commission said those opinions don’t violate election laws.

Washingtonpost.com Launches Tool For ’08 Election

The washingtonpost.com has launched the "Issue Coverage Tracker," a new application that compares the amount of press coverage between candidates and the major issues of the 2008 presidential race.

Hitwise Watches 2008 Candidates

Hitwise announced yesterday their new Election 2008 Data Center. With only fourteen months to the next election, it’s a darn good thing they started now.

Okay, joking aside, it is a good thing they’ve started now: everyone else seems to have started.

Hitwise To Scrutinize Election 2008
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If you are a serious political junkie, then life just got a little better, as Hitwise has launched a new Election 2008 Data Center that offers online usage data about the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

NBC, NY Times Partner For ’08 Election

The New York Times and NBC News/msnbc.com said today they would work together on coverage of the 2008 presidential election.