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eBay’s Q4 Earnings Not Apocalyptic

People have, at least to some degree, become accustomed to the recession.  Yesterday’s 330-point drop in the Dow didn’t seem so bad, for example, following the recent string of 500-point losses.  And yet, even under conditions such as these, eBay’s fourth quarter financial report didn’t look too good.

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eBay Raises the Limit on Guest Buying

eBayAuctionBytes is reporting that eBay has expanded its Guest Buying feature. People can buy items through eBay without being fully registered as a member. They have just increased the number of purchases a guest can make before having to become a full-fledged member.

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eBay Users Give $36 Million To Nonprofits

eBay says its sellers and buyers gave a record $36 million to U.S. nonprofit organizations in 2008 via eBay Giving Works.

eBay Users Give $36 Million To Nonprofits
John Donahoe
eBay CEO

Giving Works allows people to donate to nearly 15,000 organizations in the country while on eBay. Donations were up almost 20 percent in 2008, with nearly 1.5 million people donating to a cause.

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eBay Founder Now Working On Twitter-Related Service

The phrase "private pre-alpha" hasn’t ever before been used to describe something on WebProNews, and it conjures up overkill images of two guys whispering to each other behind six-foot walls.  But that’s how a new service backed by Pierre Omidyar and Randy Ching was until recently classified, and the small amount of information that’s since leaked looks rather interesting.

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eBay Sellers Getting More Changes

eBay’s users aren’t the only ones down on the company. A Collins Stewart analyst has lowered it’s stock rating to "Sell," claiming that eBay will continue to lose market share to Amazon this year, and weaken in the advertising department.

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Unabomber Writings To Be Sold Online

Ted Kaczynski, more widely known as the Unabomber, got some bad news from a federal appeals court today: his writings are to be sold online.

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Report: Meg Whitman Leaves Boards, May Enter Politics

Much was made of the way in which certain members of the tech community supported Barack Obama’s run for the presidency.  Now an even more direct tech-to-politics connection looks ready to form, as Meg Whitman, eBay’s former CEO, is stepping down from three companies’ boards and may try to become a governor.

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Google Makes Another Best Places To Work List

The company may be tightening restrictions on free food, charging lots of money for childcare, and handing out cell phones instead of proper holiday bonuses.  But according to new findings from Glassdoor, good old Google remains one of the best places to work.

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Scarlett Johansson’s Tissue Worth More Than Palin’s Turkey

Seriously, the market’s screwy right now. That 38-pound turkey that was offed behind Sarah Palin only sold on eBay for $225, half of which went to local veterans. Scarlett Johansson’s snot rag? Current bid is over $2,100.

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Facebook Hires One Or More eBay Execs

Dan Levy started at PayPal in October, 2001 as a product manager.  Seven years later, he was with the same company and his business cards read "Head of Risk Management, Europe."  But in what seems like a loss for eBay and a gain for a certain social network, Levy’s now gone to work for Facebook.

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More Americans Reselling Holiday Gifts Online

What will you do with that unwanted holiday gift this year? If you are like most Americans you may consider reselling it online, according to new research sponsored by eBay and conducted by Harris Interactive.

Over half (54%) of U.S. adults who have resold gifts online, plan to do so this year, a 10 percent increase from last year (45%).

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Doomed Turkey In Palin Video Sold On eBay

Britney Spears’ chewed bubble gum: $500. NFC Championship hot dog: $1,800. Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich: $28,000. Famous turkey denied a pardon by Sarah Palin: $225.

In case you possibly missed it, GOP VP nominee and Alaska governor Sarah Palin, while being interviewed by a local TV station following a silly turkey-pardoning Thanksgiving tradition, had to speak over the terrified gobbles of a different turkey meeting its unfortunate raison d’etre. If you hadn’t heard, join the 3.3 million viewers of the YouTube-broadcast execution.

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eBay Attracts More Complaints

eBay is certainly no stranger to controversy. They even catch hell when they’re giving away items (well technically, they’re charging a buck….for things like sports cars, jet skis, etc.). The auction site is hosting a contest called "Holiday Doorbusters," which is basically summed up here:

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Black Friday Online Sales Better Than Anticipated

After numerous online retailers predicted dismal sales on Black Friday, it looks like their nervousness may have been a bit premature.

Both eBay and Amazon saw consumer turnout higher than expected, most of which was searching for electronics of course. Reuters is reporting that the most searched for product on eBay was the Nintendo Wii, which 3,171 were sold on the site.

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Congress To Make eBay A Rat

Taken together, three bills in Congress would require online marketplaces and auction sites to secretly police affiliates suspected of selling stolen goods. In addition to requiring extensive record keeping on sellers using the site and turning over that information to authorities upon request, the legislation prohibits resale sites—like eBay or craigslist—from informing suspected sellers they are being investigated.

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eBay Traffic Stats In Near Freefall

Remember the dive-bombing plane sound we’d make as little kids?  "Neeeerrrrowwww."  That same noise is perhaps the most succinct way of describing what’s happening to traffic-related eBay statistics.

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eBay Offers $1 Holiday Promotions On Cars, TVs

eBay announced today that it is offering a special promotion to shoppers that will allow them to buy gifts such as a new car or plasma TV for a dollar.

eBay’s $1 Holiday Doorbuster deals starts today and runs though December 8. Each day during the promotion, eBay is offering two popular holiday gift items such as digital cameras, GPS devices, available in quantities of 50 each. The promotion also includes big-ticket items such as car or plasma TV for a dollar.

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Yahoo Adds eBay Application To Homepage Test

Yahoo has added a new eBay application to its homepage it has been experimenting with since September in an effort to open up to third parties.

The eBay application can be found in the "My Applications" dashboard area on Yahoo’s homepage.

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eBay Pledges Not to Sell Inaugural Tickets

eBay is saying "yes you can’t" to would be sellers wanting to scalp tickets on the site to President -elect Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20.

eBay reached the decision after meeting with officials from the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), head of the committee said earlier this week she was writing both eBay and Craigslist asking the Web sites not to sell any inauguration tickets.

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eBay Seller Reaches Feedback Milestone

One eBay seller has reached a milestone by surpassing the one million mark in positive feedback from customers.

eBay Seller Reaches Feedback Milestone

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Senator Asks eBay Not To Sell Inauguration Tickets

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) is working on a bill that would make it illegal to sell tickets to President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony.

Feinstein is also writing to eBay and Craigslist asking the Web sites not to sell any scalped inauguration tickets.

Feinstein’s bill would charge those caught selling the tickets with a misdemeanor and a fine.  The Senate meets next week for a lame-duck session where the bill could be introduced.

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eBay Announces Holiday Promotions

More than a few experts believe this holiday season will be brutal on the retail sector, and as a result, just about every company that connects with consumers is gearing up for battle.  Today, eBay unveiled its plan of attack, and it’s a multipronged doozy.

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eBay To Implement Global Ban On Ivory Sales

eBay has announced it will institute a global ban on the sale of all types of ivory that will go into effect January 1, 2009.

The move comes after an investigative report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) that found more than 70 percent of all endangered species products listed for sale on the Internet occur in the United States.

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eBay Causes Stampede With Third Quarter Report

The economy seems to be falling to pieces, and unfortunately for a certain auction company’s shareholders, eBay may be performing a similar dive.  The news wasn’t good as the company reported its third quarter results this afternoon.

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Ebay Chiefs Opposites On Political Spectrum

Former president and CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman, was thrust into the national spotlight once again after Republican presidential nominee John McCain dropped her name as possible Treasury Secretary at Tuesday night’s debate with Barack Obama. Judging from cofounder Pierre Omidyar’s Twitter account, he took issue with McCain’s assertions.

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eBay Purchases More Companies

When auction revenue falls, eBay decides to bank on payment processing and online classifieds. eBay is buying online bill pay service Bill Me Later and two other companies which are based in Denmark.

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Moller Puts Flying Car Up On eBay

If you’re a pup like I am—31’s still a pup, right?—you might remember reading about Moller’s flying car of the future in the Weekly Reader back in 1989-ish. By the year 2000, so the story went (I remember it vividly—the excitement was overwhelming), millionaires would be buzzing around in these Jetson-esque flying cars, and by 2010 or so an average schmuck like me could grab one for probably around $40,000.

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eBay Cuts Staff, Buys Bill Me Later

eBay said today it is purchasing U.S. based online payments business Bill Me Later for approximately $820 million in cash and $125 million in outstanding options.

The company is also buying Denmark based online classified site and vehicles site for $390 million in cash.

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Marc Andreessen Joins eBay’s Board Of Directors

Marc Andreessen has long been a busy man; he’s worked at or invested in Netscape, AOL, Ning, Digg, and Twitter, for starters.  Now, Andreessen’s interests seem to have turned towards boards of directors, as he joined Facebook’s earlier this year and hopped aboard eBay’s yesterday evening.

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StumbleUpon May Become Bigger Player

StumbleUpon announced today that it will be rolling out a new design to make the service more accessible to new users. The biggest drawback has always been the fact that users had to install a toolbar to use the service, but with this new design, the need to do so has been eliminated.

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No Apologies From National Retail Federation

Yesterday, we covered three bills in Congress championed by the National Retail Federation that would require online marketplaces to keep extensive records on merchants and, on behalf of the government, secretly investigate those suspected of selling stolen goods. Trying to shore up support, a representative for the NRF compared online merchants to drug addicts who could help but steal to support their eBay habit.

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Study: Fear of Losing Drives Auction Prices

Psychology researchers have suggested fear of losing drives up auction prices, not more “rational” economic principles. So the next time you sense you’re overbidding on eBay, you probably are, not due to any theoretical “price the market will bear,” but instead due to some competitive wiring in your brain that says win at all costs.
Fear of Losing Drives Auction Prices

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eBay Terminates Checks and Money Orders

Today eBay announced via FAQ that starting in late October, the only acceptable payment methods to use when purchasing items on the auction site will be:

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ebay Looking to Unload StumbleUpon?

StumbleUponTechCrunch is reporting eBay is trying to unload StumbleUpon, citing "sources with knowledge of the sale process." eBay is apparently using Deutsche Bank to find a suitable buyer, and the asking price has not been disclosed.

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Three days ago, Yahoo’s official blog encouraged its readers to "start wearing purple."  Early this morning, the company began heeding its own request by unveiling some new Yahoo homepages.  Test versions present a purple corporate logo along with (arguably more important) things like a fresh layout and new features.

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eBay Leading Paid Search Term

The leading U.S. paid search term in August 2008 was "ebay", receiving .12 percent of paid clicks among all Web sites according to Hitwise.

The top organic search term was "myspace" which received 3.10 percent of organic clicks in August.

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Man Charged With Selling Stolen Bras On eBay

A New York man has been arrested on charges of selling $80,000 worth of stolen Victoria’s Secret bras on eBay.

George Tutaya, 41 of Queens, used a number of eBay seller names including bestfordivas, shopforless2 to sell 2,000 bras. The bras, which retail for $40 to $80 were purchased by shoppers at a discounted rate of $25.

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eBay Goes Green With Launch Of New Site

eBay has launched a new ecommerce marketplace called, which offers environmentally friendly products.

eBay says the site will offer products made from recycled or natural materials and that all the products will carry environmental or fair trade certifications from the company’s partners. All product makers are required to have certification before they are allowed to sell on the site.

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eBay Lowers Sellers Fees For Fixed-Price Items

eBay is lowering its fees U.S. sellers on its site pay to list fixed-price items in an effort to attract new buyers and better compete with rivals like

Sellers will now pay a flat rate of 35 cents for a 30-day listed period, up from the previous seven-day standard. Sellers will be able to list multiple quantities of the same item for a single 35-cent listing fee.

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L’Oreal Loses Belgian Case Against eBay

Belgium belongs on everybody’s "good" list thanks to its contributions to the development of waffles and beer.  Now, eBay execs are further indebted to the country due to a ruling on a suit filed by L’Oreal.

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eBay In Talks To Buy Stake In Korean Competitor Gmarket

eBay is in talks to buy a minority stake in South Korean competitor Gmarket and is in discussions with Interpark to buy its 37 percent stake.

The companies are waiting for approval from the Korea Fair Trade Commission, eBay spokesman Jose Mallabo said.

"There can be no assurance that the KFTC will approve the possible transaction, that an agreement will be reached or that a transaction will occur," Mallabo said in a statement.

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Tiffany Appeals eBay Ruling

Last month, a U.S. District Court judge sided with eBay when ruling on Tiffany & Co.’s suit against the auction business.  Tiffany proved its persistence today by filing an appeal.

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Facebook Catches eBay In The UK

A fair number of WebProNews readers like Facebook.  Even more seem to have strong anti-eBay feelings.  Here’s some good news, then: in a certain region, Facebook’s beaten eBay UK in terms of monthly visits.

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Aussie eBay Users Victimized By Big Seller

A large eBay seller that had been the subject of numerous buyer complaints in Australia pocketed thousands of dollars in unfulfilled orders before its owner skipped the country.

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eBay Meeting With Luxury Goods Manufacturers

Even if eBay could win them all (and at this point, it hasn’t) lawsuits from luxury goods manufacturers would get old after a while.  So, in a surprisingly logical move, lawyers representing the auction site are going to meet with the other side.

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Second Quarter Results Sink eBay’s Stock

eBay’s second-quarter earning report was respectable, all in all, with increases occurring in most measurable categories.  Many of those increases didn’t meet investors’ expectations, though, and the company seems to have adopted a cautious outlook for the future.

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eBay Wins Counterfeit Suit

eBay has won a major legal victory today, after a federal judge ruled that Tiffany was not able to prove the online auction company was responsible for the sale of counterfeit Tiffany jewelry on its Web site.

 The 2004 lawsuit brought by Tiffany in U.S. District Court in New York and the ruling in eBay’s favor could influence how business is done online.

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Sellers Unhappy About Link

Leaving aside the issue of whether the company deserves one or not, it seems that eBay can’t catch a break.  The latest thing making CEO John Donahoe’s life harder is some coverage of eBay’s deal with

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eBay Drops PayPal Only Plan In Australia

eBay Australia has officially dropped its proposal to move to a PayPal only system in the country.

eBay’s decision comes after sellers expressed their anger last week at a conference held by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on the company’s plans to only accept PayPal on the site.

The new plan would have forced sellers to pay fees to PayPal Australia on top of the fees they pay to eBay.

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Gmail Knocking Out Two Big Phishing Threats

PayPal and eBay have long drawn the attention of criminal phishers who try to spoof the companies and steal login information from their customers.

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Hitwise Examines eBay’s Standing In Australia

eBay users everywhere were pleased when the company gave up on making PayPal the only allowable payment option in Australia.  But Hitwise has taken a look at the company’s standing on that continent, underlining what was (and may still be) at stake within its borders.

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No Kids, No Votes, No Souls, on eBay

One thing we know about a culture based on money and trade: People will sell anything if allowed, and even when not allowed. eBay proved that point long ago and not half a year goes by without crazy stories of what people will buy and what they will sell. The latest: one German baby; one American Presidential vote.

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Selling Your Soul On The Internet Is Hell

Things aren’t cool anymore once everybody starts doing them, that’s the Law of Cool*. The same applies to selling one’s immortal soul on the Internet, which has entered let’s-throw-a-toga-party-like-they-did-on-Animal-House status**.  Our latest soul peddler is from New Zealand, who learned like others before him that hosted auction websites don’t want anywhere near his soul or lack thereof.

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eBay Australia Sellers Oppose PayPal Plan

Last month the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) introduced a draft proposal to put eBay Australia’s plan to move to a PayPal – only system on hold.

Yesterday in Sydney eBay sellers gathered at a conference organized by the ACCC to discuss the draft proposal before the July 3 deadline for submissions. The sellers urged the ACCC to not to allow eBay to go to a PayPal only system in the country.

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French Court Slaps eBay With $63M Judgment

Auctions of fake Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey (LVMH) goods that a French tribunal believed eBay should have prevented resulted in a verdict against the online marketplace.

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eBay Fined $61 Million By French Court

A Paris court has ordered eBay to pay $61 million (38.6 million euros) to luxury goods designer LVMH for allowing counterfeit merchandise to be sold on the auction site.

The decision comes about a month after a French court ordered eBay to pay $30,000 to luxury goods maker Hermes for its role in the sale of fake handbags.

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The Transaction of a “Lifetime”

eCommerce has come a long way over the years. You can buy or sell just about anything online.

You can buy DVDs, cars, digital music, real estate, and brides. You can sell televisions, cosmetics, hand-made crafts, and even your skin as ad-space. You can apparently even sell your entire life – in a manner of speaking anyway.

A 44-year-old man by the name of Ian Usher recently put his up on the auction block via eBay (the only way to go to unload your history).

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eBay Challenges EU Trading Laws

eBay is lobbying the European Parliament over trading laws it calls "last century" that are preventing its customers from potential savings.

The online auction company said that traditional manufacturers  are using outdated regulatory laws to restrict the impact of online trading.

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Australian Auctions Off Life On eBay

An Australian man who decided to auction his life on eBay after his marriage ended saw bids that reached $2.1 million in the first day of the sale.

Ian Usher, 44, said in March he was auctioning his life on eBay, that included his $420,000 three-bedroom home in Perth, along with his job at a rug store, his car, motorcycle, clothes and his friends.

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eBay, PayPal Policy Update

PayPal has revised its policy concerning international transactions under Section 4.3 of the PayPal users agreement that goes into effect July 9, 2008.

PayPal spokesman Michael Oldenburg told WebProNews that eBay was not requiring all international shippers to accept PayPal. The policy states that if eBay sellers accept PayPal, they are required to accept it for all transactions, for domestic and international payments.

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eBay To Require U.S. Sellers To Take PayPal If They Ship Globally

eBay is requiring global sellers to increasingly accept its PayPal payment service. In the U.S. eBay is forcing sellers who ship internationally to accept international PayPal transactions under Section 4.3 of the PayPal users agreement that goes into effect July 9, 2008.

All sellers in the UK are required to accept PayPal in all of their listings and eBay is challenging government regulators in Australia over its plan to move to a PayPal only system in that country.

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9 Million Mobile Users Shop Via Cell Phone

That’s right – 9 million US mobile users turned to their mobiles to make purchases. Not just to research where to buy, but to actually burn a whole in their credit cards via their cell phones.

Nielsen Mobile detailed the new report, which sees purchasing of goods and services via mobile phones on the rise. And guess which gender likes spending more via their mobiles. Wrong – it’s men. 4.9 million men vs 4.3 million woman indicated they have made a purchase via their phone.

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Is Jilted Microsoft Turning Eyes Toward eBay?

Companies generally don’t comment on rumor or speculation—that’s the blogosphere/news media’s job. The speculation du jour, which seems very likely born of non-buyer’s remorse, is that Microsoft is eyeing—or should eye—an acquisition of eBay or, at least, PayPal and/or Skype.

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eBay Unveils Project Aimed At Developers

eBay may be a slow learner, but it is at least picking up on a few things.  Now that almost all of the popular tech companies have made some sort of nod to developers, the auction site is beginning to encourage the integration of applications into its Selling Manager tool.

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9 Million People Have Made Purchases On Mobiles

Making purchases using mobile devices such as cell phones is increasing in the U.S. with 9 million mobile subscribers saying they have used their mobile to pay for goods or services and nearly half (49%) saying they plan to try mobile commerce in the future according to a new report from Nielsen.

Men were found to be more likely then women to use their mobile phone for commerce with 4.9 million men doing so and 4.3 million women making a purchase using their mobile phone.

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Cable Ad Sales Fail At eBay

After a year, eBay closed down its Internet-based TV and radio ad selling platform, as cable channels avoided it due to fears of commoditizing ads.

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Australia Puts Brakes On eBay PayPal Only Plan

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have told eBay to put its plans to move to a PayPal only system on hold.

"The ACCC is concerned that the notified conduct will allow eBay to use its market power in the supply of online marketplaces to substantially lessen competition in the market in which PayPal operates," ACCC Chairman, Mr. Graeme Samuel, said today.

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eBay Media Marketplace Closes

Almost every imaginable product is available through eBay, but TV and radio ads will no longer appear on any list.  The company has closed its Media Marketplace program.

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Chicago unamused, wants amusement tax from StubHub

eBay’s $310 million acquisition of ticket reselling site StubHub presents the potential of additional expenses, as the City of Chicago demanded payment of amusement taxes on tickets sold for Chicago events.

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eBay Fined By French Court For Counterfeit Items

eBay has been ordered by a French court to pay $30,000 to luxury goods designer Hermes for the company’s role in the sale of three counterfeit handbags.

The courts ruling was the first time a French judge found eBay directly accountable for the sale of counterfeit items by one of its customers. eBay maintains that it removes listings found to be fraudulent and argues that the liability for those listings is on the seller.

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Wal-Mart Launches Online Classified Service

Wal-Mart has partnered with classified Web site to launch free classified ads on The service is currently in beta.

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Google Tries Some Sabotage

I’d like to think that I live my life by a mantra similar to Google’s “don’t be evil.” Mine is the Golden Rule; “Treat others the way you’d wish to be treated.”

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Google Files Objection On PayPal Only Policy In Australia

eBay users have been curious to find out who submitted an anonymous filing to the Australian regulatory agency that is reviewing eBay’s plan to move to a PayPal only option.

The submission says eBay should not be allowed to exclude competing payment methods. An AuctionBytes reader found a 38-page PDF filing that appears to have come from Google.

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eBay Setting Up Fair Trade Site

Some of eBay’s more popular (and printable) nicknames include feeBay and greedBay.  But an upcoming move – the introduction of a fair trade site – may improve the company’s image a little.

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Microsoft Offering Cash Back Of Live Search Usage

Microsoft is all set to follow the footsteps of corporate banks that offer ‘CashBacks’ on Credit Card purchases.

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eBay Changes Feedback Policy For Sellers

Online auction site eBay has begun to introduce changes in the feedback that sellers can leave about buyers. The changes were first announced in January.

Sellers on eBay are no longer allowed to leave neutral or negative comments about buyers on the site. eBay has also changed the way it calculates a member’s positive feedback percentage score.

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Chicago Sues eBay, StubHub Over Ticket Taxes

The city of Chicago is suing eBay and subsidiary StubHub for failing to collect an 8 percent amusement tax on tickets sold online.

The city charges in the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court that the two companies are "reseller’s agents" and are required under Chicago’s law to pay an amusement tax. The suit asks for a court order that will allow the city to audit the companies and hand out fines for not collecting and paying the tax.

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DC Kills Superman (Again)

Some in Metropolis will use eBay for evil—like selling one’s wife*—but in the heart of the heart of the city, a charitable and well-intentioned soul battles two great forces at once: cancer and DC Comics.

Superman's not allowed to help

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Craigslist Files Countersuit Against eBay

Last month online auction site eBay sued online classified site Craigslist alleging that the company had reduced eBay’s 25 percent stake in Craigslist through reorganization and now Craigslist is countersuing eBay.

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eBay To Move To PayPal Only In Australia

After negative publicity about an eBay plan to require users in Australia to use PayPal-only, its online payment system, rumors about a similar policy in the U.S. were met with a forceful denial from the company.

"In the U.S., we are not mulling, planning, or otherwise seriously considering a move to PayPal-only," wrote spokesman Usher Lieberman on the company’s eBay Ink blog. "There are U.S. market-specific reasons why PayPal-only is something we simply cannot do in the U.S."

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eBay: PayPal's way or the highway

Want to auction something in Australia on eBay? PayPal will be your payment processor next month. How long will it be until they try to implement that in the US?

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Google Almost At 80 Percent In Europe

Europe’s full of different countries, and all that impressive European Union stuff aside, it’s hard to believe they’ve got much in common.  Yet judging from new comScore statistics, it seems as if Google is the sort of thing that’ll generate smiles, or at least recognition, everywhere.

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Startup Targets Angry eBayers

The founders of a new startup called Wigix are calling eBay old school, and don’t hesitate to target boycotting sellers incensed by recently imposed eBay seller fees. The name is short for WantItGotIt Exchange, and is modeled after the stock market rather than the competitive bid auction model.

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eBay, Craigslist Fighting Over Kijiji Competition

eBay publicized the complaint it recently filed against Craigslist in Delaware’s Couty of Chancery. It’s all about the lucrative listings market.

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French Politician Auctions Car On eBay

Five-time French presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the far-right National Front party, is hoping to make some money by auctioning his old bulletproof car on eBay.

Le Pen, who was a surprise second in the 2002 French presidential election, put his party headquarters up for sale earlier this year after costly defeats in presidential and legislative elections last year left his party deeply in debt.

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Why Is eBay Ticked Off At Craigslist?

With eBay throwing down the legal gauntlet over alleged dilution of its stake in the listings site, speculation abounds over the reason why.

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eBay Lawsuit Over “Neutral” Feedback

Living in a Radically Transparent world is, it seems, not without risk. Apparently a Seattle man was recently sued for $10,000 because he left a “Neutral” rating for an eBay seller from North Carolina.

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eBay’s Lawsuit Against Craigslist

I know you’re getting bored with all the other Internet marketing intrigues out there, so here’s a new one: eBay is suing craigslist. Tantalizing, isn’t it?

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Craigslist Responds To eBay Complaint

After eBay filed a lawsuit against Craigslist over alleged manipulation of eBay’s stake in the classifieds site, Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster responded on the site’s blog.

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eBay Accuses Craigslist Of Shareholder Tricks

A lawsuit filed in Delaware’s Court of Chancery takes Craigslist to task, as minority shareholder eBay complained of actions by the classifieds site.

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Baron Pulls Twitter Auction

Knowing the value of a web-celeb’s Twitter account will have to be on hold. Andrew Baron, founder of the well-known video podcast Rocketboom, placed his name-brand account up for sale on eBay last week, but has since deleted the auction listing.

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eBay May Sell Skype

Skype’s not doing too badly these days.  As it stands, though, Skype has little to do with eBay’s core business, and so it may get sold in the relatively near future.

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Twitter Account And Googleplex Tour On eBay

It started with Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron putting his Twitter account up for auction on eBay. He had 1,500 followers then and at last check he’s at 1,757.

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eBay Australia Moving To PayPal Only System

eBay Australia says it plans to only accept online payments through its PayPal system beginning June 17.

The move by eBay is likely in violation of the Australian Trade Practices Act and the regulatory body Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) is asking for the public comment on eBay’s policy.

eBay has written the ACCC requesting immunity from legal action under the Trade Practices Act.

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eBay To End Live Auctions

eBay has announced that it will put an end to its Live Auctions on December 31, 2008 in an effort to restructure its online auction business.

Jim Ambach, Vice President, Seller Experience, eBay said," In the case of Live Auctions, maintaining and improving this platform falls outside our immediate focus, and will, therefore, be retired at the end of the year."

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eBay killing live auctions

Live Auctions have been part of eBay for 7 years, but the platform did not survive eBay’s assessment of what it needs to do to continue to build profitability.

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Ebay Founder Endorses Obama

Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar blogged his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama, a decision he says was difficult given his relationship with both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Though he questions whether his endorsement matters and labels it "self-indulgent," Omidyar takes the opportunity to talk about being inspired by Obama’s vision for America:

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Should You Buy A Twitter Account?

It’s been a mildly interesting weekend.

One of the interesting things that happened was a TechCrunch article that described Andrew Baron selling his Twitter account

It was the weekend, and I was looking for some quick amusement value, so I jumped into the auction on eBay.  Things got really interesting from there.

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eBay Australia Narrows Payment Options

Brace yourself for another round of boycotts; eBay intends to force all Australian users to deal with PayPal – and pretty much only PayPal – from June 17th forward.

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Sellers Drop Military Gear On eBay, Craigslist

Items stolen from the military ended up being fenced through sales online, as GAO investigators handed a House Subcommittee a laundry list of sensitive items they purchased.

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