eBay Uplifting Women in Business

We have all been stressed far beyond capacity in the past year and a half since the onset of the COVID pandemic. We’ve been tested and tried and many of us have often felt that we might just fall apart…

Recommerce: the Secondhand eCommerce Market

Since eBay began as a company in 1995, transactions between consumers (known as C2C transactions) have been a vital part of eBay’s business model.  In particular, the sale of secondhand goods between parties is something eBay has grown famous for…

The Divorce is Final: eBay Sellers Can No Longer Use PayPal

The end of an era has arrived as eBay is ending its support for PayPal for sellers.

Internet Companies Launch Initiative In Support of Section 230

Some of the most prominent internet companies have formed the Internet Works coalition to promote Section 230, a key internet law. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act gives companies immunity for content users upload or post on their sites.…

eBay Sells Classifieds Business For Nearly $9 Billion

eBay has streamlined its focus and reached a deal to sell its classifieds business for nearly $9 billion.

eBay Pursuing Sale Of Its Classified-Ads Business

eBay has been considering selling its classified-ads business for some time, but it appears the company is finally taking steps in that direction.

eBay a Takeover Target For Intercontinental Exchange

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the owner of the New York Stock Exchange “has made a takeover offer for eBay Inc.” ICE has been interested in buying eBay before, and has now approached the e-commerce…

eBay Selling StubHub to Rival viagogo For $4.05 Billion

eBay has announced that viagogo has agreed to purchase StubHub for $4.05 billion in cash. eBay purchased StubHub for $310 million in 2007. StubHub claims to be “the world’s most trusted ticket marketplace spanning 44 countries.” It’s business partners include…

Facebook Libra Backers Back Out

A week ago we covered a Wall Street Journal article highlighting potential trouble for Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency, as multiple backers were reconsidering their commitment to the project. Fast-forward a week and things have only gone from bad to worse. As…

We’ve Seen Active Buyers Consistently Grow, Says eBay CEO

“The most important thing that we look at is the underlying health of the marketplace,” says eBay CEO Devin Wenig. “For me, that really comes down to three things. It’s how many people are shopping with us? How many people are selling with us? And how much inventory is in the marketplace?”