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DVR Usage Increasing Among Television Viewers DVR Usage Increasing Among Television Viewers
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As television and devices that take advantage of our screen time continue to evolve, so does our utter obsession with using TV grow. Nielsen posted on its blog a study the group recently conducted that looked at what Americans have …

Verizon & Redbox Join Forces, But Will It Really Hurt Netflix? Verizon & Redbox Join Forces, But Will It Really Hurt Netflix?
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The digital streaming space is about to get more crowded as Verizon and Redbox prepare to launch their own service. Yesterday, Coinstar, Redbox’s parent company, and Verizon announced they were partnering in a new venture. The companies are combining Verizon’s video on-demand streaming and download service with Redbox’s popular DVD kiosk service.

Warner Brothers Doubles Netflix DVD Window Warner Brothers Doubles Netflix DVD Window
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When it rains it pours for Netflix, apparently. Yesterday we brought you news that HBO would stop selling bulk DVDs of its programming to Netflix at a discount. Now, apparently, Warner Brothers has reached a new agreement with Netflix, Redbox, …

Netflix Reminder: Price Change in Two Days Netflix Reminder: Price Change in Two Days
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Here at WebProNews, keeping you abreast about the goings-on in the tech industry is job one, but we’re also here to inform and, in some cases, remind people of upcoming changes. With that in mind, here’s our public service announcement …

Netflix Relief Fund: The Upper Middle Class Needs Your Help Netflix Relief Fund: The Upper Middle Class Needs Your Help

It’s been a little over two weeks since Netflix announced their new pricing structure, essentially ruining the lives of everyone in its path. Now if you want to enjoy the connivence of DVD’s delivered to you and streaming content together, …

Netflix Price Hike Might Cost Them 12% of Dual-Subscribers Netflix Price Hike Might Cost Them 12% of Dual-Subscribers
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Maybe there was something to Reed Hasting’s shock about the level of outrage from subscribers following the recently announced price changes. In this week’s earnings call, Hastings said that he was surprised that there wasn’t more of a backlash from …

Netflix: We Thought You Would Be More Upset About The Price Hike Netflix: We Thought You Would Be More Upset About The Price Hike
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The public reaction to the recent Netflix price change has calmed a bit, and although the interwebs are far from tranquil, we aren’t seeing the level of pure blinding rage directed at the company now that the announcement has had …

Netflix Searches Soaring Says Google Netflix Searches Soaring Says Google
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It’s not news that Netflix is crushing its competition within the world of streaming video.  Almost a third of all paid streamed content in America is provided by Netflix.  It’s iron grip on the competition might become even stronger with …

No Blu-Ray For Xbox 360

Microsoft says no Blu-ray for Xbox 360 | Special Coverage | Reuters

Reuters is reporting on comments by Aaron Greenberg, group product manager for the XBox 360, that Microsoft is not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-Ray Association to integrate Blu-Ray into the XBox 360.

This is disappointing.

Hollywood Writers Strike For Internet Dollars
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Film and TV writers are striking for the first time in almost twenty years after the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers were unable to reach an agreement.

Kmart To Only Offer HD DVD Player

Toshiba says that discount retailer Kmart will only sell Toshiba HD DVD players and will not offer Blu-ray players.

DVD Sales Strong Despite Competition

Even with competition from Internet-based movie services, cable and satellite on- demand, and digital cinema, the DVD continues to attract most of the consumer spending on movies, according to the 2007 Annual Report on the Home Entertainment Industry out today.

Digg Embroiled In HD DVD Controversy
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The posting of a code that decrypts HD DVD format DRM caused plenty of uproar at the social news site when Digg administrators took down posts and banned accounts over it. That was just the start.

Amazon Schools Customers on eCommerce

Recently, Amazon carried a ‘buy one, get one free’ promotion on DVD box sets for its customers. Due to a technical problem, however, customers were able to ‘get one free, get another free’ instead. After the fact, Amazon is looking to recoup those funds, which is rubbing customers the wrong way.

From the “Ways to Irritate Your Customer Base” school of online commerce, Amazon is poised to lecture business students regarding the finer points of customer service and building consumer trust.

Yahoo! Photo Holiday Gifts

If you have yet to buy gifts for everyone on your holiday list, look no further than a personalized DVD from Yahoo! Photo.

Demystifying Blu-Ray Duplicators

The CD/DVD duplication industry is generating some buzz around Blu-ray technology but all that buzz might get you into something you don’t need. Let’s demystify the Blu-ray duplicator.

DVD Burning For TV
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SnapStream has added a new option to their Beyond TV video recording software. It will allow users to create DVDs for their favorite television shows. Users will be able to use a burning plug-in to record their programs.

Toshiba Pumps Up Capacity of Dual-Format DVD

Today, Memory-Tech Corporation and Toshiba Corporation unveiled a single-sided, three-layer ROM disc for high capacity storage and playback on both DVD and HD DVD formats.

DVD and TV Info Added to Ask.com

I’ve lost count of all the cool Smart Answers that Ask.com has rolled-out over the past couple of years, but they’ve just added DVD and TV data to the list.

Movielink Debuts Burn To DVD Service
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Movielink launched a new service today that will allow customers to download films with copy-protection software that can be burned to DVD. The new service is a result of a licensing agreement between Movielink and Sonic Solutions.

Movies For Sale Online Legally!

Except for the high prices, restrictive usage terms, and no extras a la typical DVDs, Hollywood has at least attempted to enter the downloadable movie market.