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PlayStation 4 Controllers to Come in Red and Blue

Yesterday, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 will be launching in North America on November 15 and on November 29 in Europe. The reveal was the culmination of months of speculation and is, as of now, the start date for the beginning of the next-generation console wars. When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 in February, it chose to show the …

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This Is What You’ll Get If You Buy A PS4 This Year

The PS4 launch is still a few months away, and as such, there are still a few mysteries about the console. What’s the full launch lineup going to look like? What accessories will Sony and third parties have available at launch? What will Sony pack in? The two former questions will have to wait, but the latter was answered today. …

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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets A Touch Pad Gimmick

The PS3 introduced the world to a sixaxis motion controller that developers felt needed to be integrated into every PS3 game. It got pretty annoying, but the trend has mostly worn off. Now Sony is set to introduce another potentially annoying gimmick, but that’s not going to stop the guys behind Killzone: Shadow Fall from using it. In a blog …

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Developers Really Seem To Like The PS4 Controller

The DualShock design has remained fairly consistent since its introduction in 1997. Even the DualShock 3, with its motion controls and curved analog triggers, looked almost just like previous incarnations. Sony is changing all that with the PlayStation 4, and (Sony’s) developers couldn’t be happier. Sony released a new video detailing the DualShock 4 and what developers think about it. …

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PS4 Controller Unveiled With Touchpad, Share Button

Though Sony didn’t show off the look of its new console at last night’s big PlayStation 4 unveiling, the new controller for the console was heavily featured. The controller, named the “DualShock 4” resembles Sony’s previous generation controllers, but with some significant twists. For one, the middle section of the controller has been stretched and now features a touchpad similar …

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