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For Google, Every Day Could Be Super Bowl Sunday
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Now that Google is a publicly traded company, traditions and advertiser friendly philosophies seem destined to clash with fiduciary responsibility. Imagine this scenario: Everybody uses Google, so every advertiser needs a presence there, and the law of supply and demand makes Google one expensive place to be.

Barton Nudges Google Again On Privacy

The top Republican on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Joe Barton, again asked Google about its privacy practices.

Google Launches Third Party Tracking For Content Network

Google says it is now allowing third-party advertising tags on the Google content network in North America. Previously the only way to track your impression data was to use Google’s AdWords report.

The supported and certified partners include, Advertiser ad servers: DoubleClick (DFA), Mediaplex, Rich media agencies: DoubleClick Rich Media, Eyeblaster, EyeWonder, Interpolls, PointRoll, Unicast Research firms: Dynamic Logic, IAG Research, InsightExpress, Factor TG.

Google says it will be certifying more third-partner partners in the future.

Google owns 70 percent of ad server market

Buying DoubleClick for $3.24 billion is going to look like a beads-for-Manhattan deal in a few years.

Google’s 300 DoubleClick Layoffs

Google: Now With 15 Percent Less DoubleClicking

Rumors of pending layoffs at Google’s new acquisition, DoubleClick, suggest 15 percent of the ad serving company won’t be dining on free Google grub.

Google Picks Up The Check: $3.24B For DoubleClick

The $3.1 billion starting price for ad serving company DoubleClick ticked upward after the deal received approval from European regulators.

Google’s Acquisition of DoubleClick Complete

Finally Google has successfully completed the acquisition of DoubleClick, a leading Internet advertising service providers. And even EU has given a green signal to the merger and therefore from now onwards DoubleClick would be owned by Google unchallenged.

Sullivan: Google Should Spinoff DoubleClick SEO Biz
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Google’s approved acquisition of DoubleClick brings along an SEO asset, the Performics business that search maven Danny Sullivan needs to be divested immediately.

Google Rebounds On DoubleClick Approval

The European Union’s blessing upon the merger made a positive impact on Google’s stock price in trading today.

Google, DoubleClick Deal Now Official

Google has announced it has officially completed its acquisition of DoubleClick after receiving approval from European Union regulators.

EU Allows Google, DoubleClick Merger

The process took longer than Google would have liked, but ultimately the European Union agreed with Google’s position that the DoubleClick deal would merge complementary ad businesses.

Unofficially, Google Wins DoubleClick Deal In EU

Rumors from people close to the discussion about the European Union approving Google’s DoubleClick acquisition say the deal will be approved without conditions.

EU Approval Closer To Google, DoubleClick

Little whispers around Brussels suggest European Commission regulators will allow the big merger of online advertisers to proceed.

Google Facing EU DoubleClick Objections

Though European Commission members aren’t talking, a research firm claimed competition regulators have drafted a statement of objections to Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick.

The InflectionPoint 2008 Conference

I just returned from the InflectionPont 2008 Conference down in San Diego.  What’s InflectionPoint?

EU Ready To Approve Google, DoubleClick

Despite privacy and competitive concerns, it appears European regulators will follow tradition and approve Google’s DoubleClick acquisition.

Google Tells EU Of Devotion To Privacy

The dominant search advertising company worked on convincing members of a European Parliament Committee that its DoubleClick purchase won’t infringe on people’s privacy.

Google Gives Love To Europe, Open Standards

A couple of days after showing how deep their affection is for users finding the right privacy features in Google products, the company acknowledged the European Union for its acceptance of open standards.

FTC Counsels Self-Regulation For Behavioral Ads

The Federal Trade Commission plans to keep an ear open for complaints now that they have given Google and DoubleClick their blessing to get together.

Google, Yahoo Celebrate Wins for Xmas

Hat tip SEL: The Google-DoubleClick merger has been approved by the FTC.