Google: Ad Exchange RTB Protocol Changes Coming Soon

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Double Click ad exchange is a useful tool in the world of online advertising. It's a fast way for agencies to buy and sell ads on the numerous sites that Google advertises on. There are some important changes coming April 2 that users should know about.

First things first, Google is reducing the number of trading locations to just four. This is because the previous set-up had bid requests coming from all over the world and when Google changed the set of data centers used, it would throw a wrench into the process. The four new data centers will be located on the US West Coast, US East Coast, Europe and Asia. On April 2, they will become the standard location and all bid requests will come from these locations.

Google will be reducing the bid response deadline as well. Traditionally, they employed a 120ms response deadline. This gave bidders 40ms of network time and 80ms of think time. The reduction of data centers will decrease the amount of time it takes to send callouts. The new bid response deadline is now set to 100ms. Google says that the 80ms think time should not be affected by this change.

Google is making buyer creative ID mandatory. This means that all real-time bid responses must contain this field: buyer_creative_id. This will allow users to use a unique identifier for each new ad creative which will make Google's job easier when it comes to troubleshooting.

Google is also getting rid of four fields in the bid request starting April 2. You will no longer have to fill these out: protocol_version, campaign_id, excluded_click_through_url, and company_name.

The other change has "MobileApp" renamed to "Mobile." Two fields in the newly renamed Mobile submessage have also been retired: app_name, company_name.

For Google+Ads+Developer+Blog%29">more information on these topics, check out the post on the Google Ads Developer Blog. It should give you all the tools you need to be ready for the changes coming to April 2.

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