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Katy Perry Makes It “Roar” in Manhattan

Katy Perry is continuing her efforts in her partnership with Staples to fund classroom projects for teachers around the nation. “Make Roar Happen” has helped many teachers get desperately needed money to fill in the gaps where independent school district …

Skype, DonorsChoose Bring The World To Classrooms Skype, DonorsChoose Bring The World To Classrooms

Oh, to be a student today. No more chalkboards, no more wooden desks, no more passing notes in hallways (at least, I assume no more passing notes since every teenager these days comes supplied with a cell phone Gorilla Glued …

Bing Crafts DonorsChoose Search Incentive
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Microsoft may have found a way to convince many more parents, grandparents, and teachers to use its search engine.  Starting today, individuals who make Bing their default search provider will get the chance to donate $3 of Microsoft’s money to a school-related project of their choice.