Bing Crafts DonorsChoose Search Incentive


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Microsoft may have found a way to convince many more parents, grandparents, and teachers to use its search engine.  Starting today, individuals who make Bing their default search provider will get the chance to donate $3 of Microsoft's money to a school-related project of their choice.

The process, which is possible thanks to a partnership with, isn't overly simple, but neither is it too complicated.  To start, individuals just have to visit a "Help Bing Give to Schools" page and click on the "Choose Bing and Donate" button.

Next, it's necessary to check a box next to the statement "Make this my default search provider," and provide an email address in order to receive a donation code.

Finally, would-be donors just have to check their email, grab the code, pick a project at, and apply the code.

This is a clever promotion on Bing's part.  Lots people must be willing to try a different search engine for the sake of helping children, and due to Facebook and Twitter share buttons (along with word of mouth), many of them could hear about this opportunity.

Of course, there's nothing keeping anyone from switching back to Google or Yahoo once everything's said and done, but Bing seems likely to see at least a small permanent bump in users because of the promotion.