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Hackers Blackmail Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza recently found itself threatened with the release of hundreds of thousands of stolen accounts to the internet. According to ITNews, a hacker group known as Rex Mundi had attempted to blackmail the Domino’s Pizza operations in France and Belgium with the release the account information of hundreds of thousands of customers. Allegedly they had the account information from …

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Domino’s Creates A DVD With Pizza Smell As Part Of New Ad Campaign

Domino’s is no stranger to odd and bizarre marketing stunts. It’s latest – a DVD that smells like a pizza – may be one of its strangest (and most brilliant) yet. Creativity Online reports that Domino’s Brazil has teamed up with ten video retal stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to cover popular DVDs with a thermal ink …

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Innovation Secrets From Domino’s: Really?

Today Forbes featured an article about Dominos pizza where one of their sharp-witted employees created a new snack that consumers are crazy over. It was great coverage of how innovation can take place at any level in the corporate world. Patrick Doyle, CEO of Domino’s Pizza was quoted in the article as saying, “A great idea can come from anywhere”. …

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Domino’s Pizza Now Covers More Than 80% Of Smartphone Pie With New Android App

Imagine this fast food miracle: You can now order a pepperoni pizza from the palm of your hand from nearly any Domino’s Pizza in America. Listen, you don’t get to be the recognized world leader in pizza delivery without thinking big. Domino’s Pizza announced today, the launch of its new Android smartphone ordering app. Combined with its existing iPhone app …

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