Domino's Pizza Gets In On March Madness

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What is your favorite kind of pizza? Are you a pepperoni person or just cheese? Do you like a lot of vegetables on your pizza or are you more of a meat lovers fan? Would your favorite style of pizza beat the others? These are the kinds of things Domino's Pizza wants to know, and thanks to their Domino's Pizza Bracket on their Facebook page, fans will have a chance to vote their favorite all the way to the top of the pizza world.

Because Domino's is leveraging March Madness with its latest Facebook promotion -- they are already considered the "Official Pizza of March Madness" -- this competition is presented in the tournament format, with popular pizza styles getting the top seeds. The pizza that receives the most votes will advance to the next round, until their is only one style remaining.

16 pizzas will enter and only one will win.

Unfortunately, details about Domino's bracket setup -- that is, which pizzas will be in the tournament -- are still under wraps because voting does not begin until tomorrow, March 17th. There is, however, a nifty graphic to remind their 2.2 million-plus Facebook fans about the promotion.

Domino's Promotion

Not only does Domino's want to know what pizza its fans like best, the company also updated its "Pizza Tracker" page, giving it the March Madness makeover, with basketball-related images and sound effects. Clearly, Domino's is holding on to that "Official Pizza of March Madness" business has hard as they can.

The pizza National Champion will be crowned during the Final Four, and without even looking at the participants, I've already got my money on pepperoni pizza destroying the competition. In fact, my Final Four of Pizza is any kind of derivative of these styles: Pepperoni, sausage, meat lovers and a meat and veggie combination.

What about you? What's your favorite pizza style? Let us know in the comments.

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