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iPhone, Android Embraced at Department of Defense

In yet another blow to RIM’s formerly solid hold on security-minded enterprise and government clients, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) will soon allow some employees to use iOS and Android devices in the course of their duties. The Washington Post reports that a DOD document shows it plans to hire a contractor to manage “at least 162,500″ Android and …

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SpaceX’s Success May Lead To Military Contracts

SpaceX made history 2 weeks ago becoming the very first private company to launch a capsule into space and have it dock with the International Space Station. Now that the Dragon has successfully returned to earth, SpaceX can start working on it’s contract through the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The resupply contract for the International Space Station has …

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US Navy Starts Search For 6th Generation Fighter

(image) Days after the DoD released their 30 year aviation plan, the United States Navy has started the exploratory process to find a 6th generation fighter to replace the F/A18-E/F and EA-18G. This was mentioned in the aviation plan as something they were planning to do. The Navy hopes what ever plane is chosen, it will be in service to …

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Department of Defense Releases 30 Year Aviation Plan

The department of defense released their 30 year plan for the entire fleet of aircraft currently available to the Department of the Air Force (DoF), Department of the Navy (DoN-includes the Navy and Marines), and the Department of the Army (DoA). The report included funding for replacements to Air Force One and the military’s aging 4th generation fighters (F/A-18, F-16, …

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DARPA Developing Virtual Reality Contact Lenses

The DOD is working on some cool new technology to help with soldiers performing ISR or Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. These activities require special equipment that can come as a bit of a hassle at times. DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working on technology that can be applied to wearable lenses to fit in the eye …

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