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Disqus Sponsored Comments Go Programmatic Disqus Sponsored Comments Go Programmatic

Disqus, the blog commenting product that appears on sites all over the Internet (including this one), announced that it’s launching programmatic ad buying for its Sponsored Comments product. Disqus launched Sponsored Comments back in April after testing it for a …

Disqus Is Now Including Sponsored Comments Disqus Is Now Including Sponsored Comments

Disqus announced that it has been testing Sponsored Comments for the past month, and that it’s now expanding the new ad unit so that “it’ll be more likely that you come across” one. Here’s what one might look like: If …

Blog Comments Going Real Time?
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Comments on blogs posts and articles have in the past generally been a good measurement of how people have engaged with content, but as the web becomes more social and "real-time," the conversation is going all over the place, and there are other ways that people are engaging in conversation about content (this is why shareability is so important by the way).

Commenting Through Disqus

If you aren’t a blogger you probably haven’t noticed this company named Disqus unless you really are paying attention when you leave a comment. But head over to Dave Winer’s blog, click on the comments, and if you leave a comment there, like I just did, you aren’t actually leaving it on Dave Winer’s blog. You’re using Disqus’s commenting service.

“So what?” you’re probably asking.

Well, there’s a few things that Disqus does.