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Yahoo Is Doing Better In Search Than Display

Yahoo came out swinging with its third quarter earnings report and conference call on Tuesday, posting solid results ahead of analysts’ estimates. One particularly noteworthy takeaway was that the company’s search advertising business brought in more money than its display business. This is the first time this has happened since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO. Search revenue excluding traffic …

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Mobile External Display Capabilities to Expand in Coming Years

As smartphones and other mobile platforms have become more prevalent, PC sales have begun to slump. However, consumers till need to get things done on larger screens. While some manufacturers have managed to specialize for the PC market, others are attempting to blend the mobile with external displays, essentially making smartphones and tablets primary computing devices. Market analyst firm ABI …

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Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands in $100m Museum

Space Shuttle Atlantis has landed in its final resting place. Well, technically, it’s suspended three stories up, so, absent some disaster, it won’t be touching down again any time soon. The last of the shuttles to go into orbit, Atlantis is now on display in a $100 million dollar facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The spacecraft is …

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The Best Apps for the New IPad Retina Display

The new iPad officially went on sale today, and if the long lines outside electronics stores are any indication, sales should be huge. Unfortunately, not ever app on the market is iPad retina display ready. Apple has upgraded theirs, but that’s to be expected. Some third party apps have not been lucky enough to get things ready for the release. …

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Smartphone Owners Want Larger Screens

Remember back in the good old days when everybody was wanting to make all of our cellphones smaller? People want them to get bigger again, or says a new survey. The fine people at Strategy Analytics just published a report that found almost 90% of smartphone owners upgrade to phones with larger screens when it comes time for their biennial …

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