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Disney Interactive Lays Off 700 Employees

Disney Interactive is one of the largest entertainment groups in the world. The studios that comprise the division produce everything from mobile and console games to interactive Web experiences. It’s also not doing so well these days. The New York Times reports that Disney has laid off 700 employees from its Game and Internet Division, more commonly known as Disney …

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Disney Layoffs Could Start This Week

A source within Disney Interactive has announced that it will begin its first round of layoffs as early as this week. The company has lost more than $200 million a year between 2008 and 2012 and made several other job cuts within the company. Last year, Disney Interactive laid off more than 50 workers and closed Junction Point Studios in …

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Disney Infinity Officially Announced, Sandbox Gameplay Revealed

Disney today officially revealed the details of its ambitious sandbox gameplay title Disney Infinity. The game, will supposedly allow players to create their own gameplay experience using the characters and props from Disney and Pixar movies. Disney Infinity will launch on video game consoles in June 2013, and on mobile and “online devices” throughout the year. “Disney Infinity introduces a …

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