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Blockbuster Launching Netflix Rival Subscription Streaming Service? Blockbuster Launching Netflix Rival Subscription Streaming Service?
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It looks like Blockbuster might be jumping into the subscription streaming market, adding another player into a growing field that is getting more crowded by the minute. Of course Netflix is the biggest player when it comes to streaming video …

DISH Settles with TiVo, Forms Partnership to Promote Blockbuster Services DISH Settles with TiVo, Forms Partnership to Promote Blockbuster Services

DISH Network and parent company EchoStar have agreed to a half-billion dollar settlement with TiVo over litigation regarding DVR patents. A couple weeks ago, a federal appeals court decision ordering DISH and EchoStart to shut down DVRs due to their …

TiVo Wins DISH Network Court Battle Over DVRs TiVo Wins DISH Network Court Battle Over DVRs
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A federal appeals court decision that would order DISH Network and parent company EchoStar to shut down DVRs due to their infringement upon TiVo patents, was upheld in a ruling today. DISH Network subscribers, before you freak out, you should …

Dish Network Buys Blockbuster Dish Network Buys Blockbuster
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Dish Network has agreed to acquire the assets of Blockbuster, after winning a bankruptcy court auction for them. The price tag – $320 million. After closing adjustments, Dish expects to pay about $228 million in cash. The closing is expected …

Dish Network Offers Google TV To Customers For $179
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Dish Network said today it is offering its customers the chance to purchase the Logitech Revue with Google TV for $179 instead of the standard $299. “Only Dish Network customers will have access to the most fully-featured Google TV experience …

Hulu Should Be Better at What it Does
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Late last week, a deal between FOX and DISH Network came to an end, leaving DISH Network subscribers without FX, FOX Sports, and the National Geographic Channel. FOX raised their rates and DISH didn’t want to pay. While the two companies continue negotiations, some of us wonder how we are going to watch the shows that we regularly enjoy. 

Dish Network Now Offering Online Viewing
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Satellite TV company Dish Network has launched DishOnline.com, a new video portal that integrates live and recorded TV with more than 150,000 movies, TV shows, clips and trailers.

DishOnline allows users to watch live TV, their DVR recordings, and view movies, TV shows, and clips from the Food Network, Discovery Channel, MTV, EPIX, Starz and Encore with a paid subscription. Users can search for content by title, network, actor or genre.


Apple Turns Down Apps for Requiring Registration?

According to the Next Web, Apple may be rejecting apps that require user registration first. The publication looks at an email a developer reportedly received from Apple saying:

Dish Network Moves May Prove Beneficial for Google TV
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Dish Network is making moves that may benefit Google. Dish Network was of course among the list of launch partners for Google TV, revealed at Google I/O a couple weeks ago. Dish Network will offer Google TV integration through its HD DVR boxes.

Google and DISH Network Renew Advertising Partnership
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Last week at Google I/O, we witnessed the unveiling of Google TV. One of Google’s launch partners is DISH Network, who will offer the service to its customers beginning in the fall, via its HD DVR receivers.

Is the Future of TV Advertising Dependent on Search?
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The Wall Street Journal has the Blogosphere abuzz with rumors of Google testing a new set-top box with Dish Network, which would allow people to search television and online video content like YouTube. Google has given the usual "we don’t comment on rumor or speculation" statement on the subject.

TiVo Wins Patent Dispute

Just off the wire, Dish Network has failed to convince an appeals court to overturn TiVo’s earlier patent win against the company. TiVo’s earlier win is upheld.