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Dish Network Customers Can Watch The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Online For Free

AMC announced today that it will offer Dish Network customers the first episode of the upcoming The Walking Dead Season 3 in a free live stream. “In response to DISH taking away its customers’ favorite scripted drama series on basic cable — The Walking Dead — AMC is offering all DISH subscribers a special live stream of the hit show’s …

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Dish Network Launches Satellite Broadband In October

Dish Network made waves at CES when they announced that they would be entering the broadband business. The company’s market penetration, especially in rural areas that don’t have access to broadband, puts them in a great position to become of the nation’s largest ISPs. Dish Network announced that they’re finally bringing satellite broadband to their customers on October 1. It’s …

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Fox, CBS, NBC File Suit Against Dish Network Hopper

A couple of weeks ago, Dish Network unveiled and released a new technology which automatically does what we all do anyways. Skip commercials. The Hopper is the kind of technology that can make people switch from the highly superior DirecTV. Basically it allows you to skip commercials from any of the major networks (FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC). Now most of …

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Dish Networks “Hopper” Adds Skip Commercials Feature

Every single TV watcher since the beginning of time (because let’s be real, time didn’t exist before TV was invented, right?) has wished for the ability to instantly skip over the commercials. Well now that technology is finally here. I know we put a man on the moon in 1969, but in 2012? We can skip commercials, take that 69′. …

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MLB Network launches all-highlights channel

MLB pretty much has the right idea when it comes to the availability of it’s product Following in the footsteps of the NFL and their Red Zone and the NCAA and their Goal Line channels, Major League Baseball has launched their competitor, MLB Strike Zone. The channel will take viewers on a high-speed trip around Major League Baseball on Tuesday …

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DISH Network Closing 500 Blockbuster Stores

DISH Network issued their quarterly earnings report today. The company brought in $3.63 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2011. Net income during the same period came to $313 million. Revenue for the year totaled $14.05 billion, with a net income of $1.52 billion. Income and revenue numbers for both the quarter and the year were up for …

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CES 2012: DISH announces new Broadband and DVR services

Somebody is finally taking on the righteous task of bringing faster internet to those in rural areas and that somebody is DISH Network. DISH Network announced a partnership with ViaSat Inc. at CES today to bring next-generation satellite broadband to homes across America bundled with their satellite television service. The company also announced a new DVR system that will bring …

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