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Restaurant Offers Insane Discount If People Just Turn Off Their Damn Phones

One restaurant owner in Abu Ghosh, just outside of Jerusalem, is taking a stand against distracted eating. In “wow that’s great, but aren’t you running a business?” news, the owner of Abu Ghosh is offering anyone who completely shuts down their phone during dining 50% off the entire meal. Yep, 50%. Apparently, he’s not collecting phones at the door – …

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Groupon And Savored Join Forces To Bring High-Class Dining To All

Getting reservations for a restaurant is awful. It would be so much easier if we could just reserve our tables through an easy-to-use Web site. Oh wait, there apparently is a Web site that does just that, and Groupon just acquired the company behind it. Groupon announced today that they have acquired Savored, a Web site dedicated to high-class restaurant …

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Eating and Using Your Smartphone: Fun Facts

As technology evolves so do our routines and rituals. Many people are using their smartphones as part of their dining experience. Think about it: how often are you using your phone either after or before a meal? Do you use your device while eating? This next infographic from LAB42.Com addresses the issue of using our phones at mealtime. Almost a …

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