Groupon And Savored Join Forces To Bring High-Class Dining To All

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Getting reservations for a restaurant is awful. It would be so much easier if we could just reserve our tables through an easy-to-use Web site. Oh wait, there apparently is a Web site that does just that, and Groupon just acquired the company behind it.

Groupon announced today that they have acquired Savored, a Web site dedicated to high-class restaurant reservations. The site doesn't deal exclusively in reservations though. They also offer discounts of up to 40 percent on all food and drink at said restaurants.

The Savored team is going to help Groupon expand the offerings of its new Groupon Now! program. For those unfamiliar, Groupon Now! is a time-based deal where users can get a discount within a certain time slot. Savored already does this, but with high-class dining. It will be a nice compliment to Groupon's current offerings at dozens of other restaurants in cities around the country.

Existing fans of Savored may be concerned about the acquisition, but they have nothing to worry about. The process of booking a reservation will remain the same under Groupon. Even better, users can still book reservations through the Savored Web site.

Unfortunately, Savored and Groupon Now! are still only available in select markets. With increased backing from Groupon, Savored may be able to expand into more cities. The Web site currently caters to large urban centers like New York City and Chicago. I'm not saying that Lexington is a big city, but we have our fair share of reservation-required dining that could use some Internet-based discount love.

Of course, the far more pressing question is if Savored will make an appearance on the next episode of the Groupon Kidz Club. I can just imagine Roll being faced with the possibility that he may have to put down the croissant he's always carrying.

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