Bing Code Search Comes To Visual Studio

Bing Code Search Comes To Visual Studio

By Zach Walton February 17, 2014

When writing code in Visual Studio, you may find that you have to pull code samples from StackOverflow or MSDN. You would normally just have to copy and paste the code over and then make some modifications so it fits …

Amazon: Simple Workflow Service Webinar March 13th Amazon: Simple Workflow Service Webinar March 13th

If you’re a web developer, Amazon has created an exciting new product for you. Simple Workflow (SWF) is a service for building scalable, resilient applications and it makes creating and managing them much easier than it has been in the …

Linux Professionals Most Valuable Tech Employees Linux Professionals Most Valuable Tech Employees
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The tech industry is relatively booming compared to the rest of the economy and they’re looking to hire – you’ll just want to learn Linux before you go job hunting. The Linux Foundation and Dice has partnered to compile the …

Firefox 10 Launching Tomorrow Firefox 10 Launching Tomorrow
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Firefox is moving on to double digits tomorrow with the release of Firefox 10. PC Mag is reporting that the update will apply to the desktop formats as well as the mobile edition for Android. For those “people,” who never …

Big Data Challenges and What Factual Is Doing about Them Big Data Challenges and What Factual Is Doing about Them

Data has become a very coveted item. There is so much of it, but it is so hard to obtain. It is easier to get now than it ever was before with offerings such as Amazon’s Clusters, but it is especially difficult for startups with small budgets.

Google Programming Language on the “Go”

Update: Philipp Lenssen notes that someone has already developed a language called Go! (with an exclamation point). There is a book on it here. The author wants Google to change the name. This could get confusing for developers looking to use Go, although, it could also help sales of the Go! book. It wouldn’t make for very happy customers, however.

Web’s Masters Recommend Best Mobile Web Practices
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As millions of people around the world add web-capable mobile devices to their pockets, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) hopes publishers will adopt its recommendations on mobile web development.

Google Android Had Some Glitches
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The Google Android SDK for developing mobile applications contained a slew of vulnerabilities, including a passwordless root account.

Teach Your Little Ones with Google Apps

My seven year old son wants to program online games badly.

After playing Pokemon online he got the notion that he wanted to make something like that. He pestered me for days about setting him up so he could make cool games where his friends could checkout his games. I struggled for a few days trying to find a solution for him. He’s seven so there has to be some reward for the initial work he does to keep his interest. You can’t just throw a seven year old in the deep end and let him flounder.

SES Round-up
Jolina and Mike had a great time at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago. Not only is it the windy city, but a festive, cold and snowy one too by the sounds of it.

Googler Moves On To Meetup

Google’s doing amazingly well, so any sort of “abandoning a burning ship” metaphor is way off base.  Still, a lot of employees are leaving the search giant, and the latest to do so is a man named Dominic Preuss.

Looking at Google Android, Developer Kit & Competition
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Google created a video showcasing Android, the Google-initiated, Linux-based open source mobile operating system being backed by the recently announced – and again Google-initiated – Open Handset Alliance.

Google’s VP Of Corporate Development Departs

While examining Google’s hiring habits, I recently suggested that the company invest in nametags.  Upon further reflection, this was a bad idea; people are leaving so quickly that the tags might be a waste of money.  The latest man to depart is Salman Ullah, Vice President of Corporate Development.

Bloglines Console Continues Development

Bloglines beta keeps adding commands to the console.

Google Discusses Equality Following Lawsuit

Google may or may not be good with old people, but as news of an age discrimination lawsuit spreads, the search giant has made a new blog post to remind people about its other steps towards “corporate equality.”

ROI and Social Computing

Over the last couple of days, I have been reading with great interest a number of the different blog posts that the last two articles I wrote on ROI and Social Computing have sparkled and, as I am going through them digesting some of the great points they bring together (Something I will blog about as well at a later time), I thought I would create an interim pos

Facebook App Development – DIY
I’m now a Facebook developer!

I take a strange bit of pride in something that required little more than a copy and paste job, but thanks to Widgetbox’s App Accelerator, I turned my blog into a bona fide Facebook application. I even have my very own API key.