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Where To Get Paid The Most For Web And Software Development [Infographic]

It looks like Australia is the place to be if you want to maximize your wealth, developing. Staff.com put out the following infographic looking at average annual salaries for web developers, software developers, graphic designers, and some other positions. Australia is pretty much ahead in all categories except graphic design, where it’s beaten only by Switzerland. For some reason Switzerland …

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Guild Wars 2: The Developers Love It, Will You? [Video]

When looking at the title of the video, your reaction might be – well, duh. What else would the developers of Guild Wars 2 say about the game they’ve created? When you start to watch the video, it becomes obvious these people are more than just excited about their product. They really do seem to be in love with it. …

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Google+ Developers Page Launched

Google announced today that they’re launching a Google+ Developers account in order to help developers stay abreast of news regarding the Google+ platform, events, community goings-on, and other stuff of interest to developers. Chris Chabot, Team Leader of Google+ Developer Relations, posted on the Google+ Platform Blog today to welcome people to add the Developers page to their Circles and …

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Facebook Featured Story Action Specs Simplified

Facebook recently started putting sponsored stories in the news feed, which it is labeling as “featured”. Today, the company is talking about how to create these using action specs and recent changes to its Ads API designed to make it easier for developers to adapt new story types as they’re launched. Facebook will be getting rid of the old sponsored …

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Facebook Single Sign-On Pro-Tips

Today, Facebook released a list of best practices for developers of iOS and Android apps that implement the Single Sign-On (SSO) features that Facebook debuted a year ago. Using SSO, developers are able to save their users time and frustration of logging in to their apps repeatedly. The developers also have access to the Graph API to build in-app social …

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