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Twitter Launches New Site for Developers Twitter Launches New Site for Developers

Twitter has launched a new site for developers apparently aimed at providing better info on how to develop for the company’s platform. This comes at a time when the FTC is said to be eyeing the company over its competitive …

API Coming Soon For Google Plus API Coming Soon For Google Plus
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We’re only a few days into the era of Google Plus and already, folks want to add stuff to it, much like Facebook did with Farmville, and whatever other application you’d care to consider. While that may be the beginning …

Facebook Redesigns The Developer Dashboard Facebook Redesigns The Developer Dashboard
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Today, Facebook announced “major updates” to the Developer App, which it says will help developers “easily access, edit, and manage” apps on the Developer site. The dashboard (pictured above) has been redesigned, with access to your most frequently viewed apps …

Facebook Ban Bot Like Google Panda Update for Facebook Facebook Ban Bot Like Google Panda Update for Facebook
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It seems as if Facebook has developed something of a shoot first ask questions later kind of mentality. You may recall last week when Roger Ebert’s Facebook page was removed after complaints about him (following controversial comments made about the …

Twitter’s Photo Feature and Third-Party Apps Twitter’s Photo Feature and Third-Party Apps

As you may know, Twitter announced a partnership with PhotoBucket and the ability for Twitter users to upload photos and attach them to tweets right from Twtiter.com. The functionality will also roll out to Twitter’s mobile apps. This leaves questions …

Google I/O Content Will Stream Live On Web Google I/O Content Will Stream Live On Web

Google announced it will be providing a great deal of Google I/O content live, streaming on the web this year. They will provide keynotes, sessions, and Developer Sandbox content. You can find this stuff at Google I/O Live. Here’s exactly …

Windows Phone 7 App Development Numbers

At the MIX10 conference, Microsoft released its platform and free tools to app developers and told them to get started.  A year later, Windows Phone 7 Director Brandon Watson seems quite excited about some statistics detailed at the Windows Developer …

Dorsey to Focus On Getting More People to Understand What Twitter Is

Jack Dorsey’s return to Twitter was certainly accompanied by plenty of questions, but the new Executive Chairman also sought to provide some answers, speaking at Columbia University – though not necessarily the answers to some of those questions. He did …

Google Addresses Android Fragmentation With Static Library
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A new Best Buy commercial for its “Buy Back” program features consumers getting confused, frustrated, and angry as their new gadgets are quickly made obsolete.  To ensure something similar doesn’t happen to Android developers, Google’s released an anti-fragmentation library. Developing …

Third PayPal X Developer Challenge Begins
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Developers with any amount of ability when it comes to creating Android apps may want to start thinking about how to bring PayPal into the equation.  Today, the third PayPal X Developer Challenge kicked off, and PayPal’s established some significant cash prizes for the top three participants.

Google Game Developer Central Launches

Games make people happy.  They also, as anyone who’s seen a guy glued to a controller or a mob the morning of a major release can attest, make people willing to sacrifice lots of time and money.  Google may be onto something, then, as the search giant today launched a site called Google Game Developer Central.

Yahoo Search BOSS Documentation Released to Developers

Last month, Yahoo announced pricing info and search advertising/branding policies for the upcoming version of Yahoo Search BOSS, which is expected to be released this summer. Now, the company has released the technical documentation for developers. 

Facebook Developers Get Access to User Phone Numbers and Addresses

Update: Facebook has decided to rethink its strategy on this, and has temporarily stopped granting access to phone number/address info. More here.

iOS 4.3 Beta Reveals New iPhone, iPad Features
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Apple’s iOS may have been surpassed by Android on Millennial Media’s network, but iOS is stealing the headlines this week. 

FCC Launches App Challenge For Internet Openness
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The Federal Communications Commission has announced a challenge for software developers to create apps that help people monitor Internet openness.

The FCC says its Open Internet Challenge is about the development of apps that provide users with information about  the extent to which their fixed or mobile broadband Internet services are consistent with the open Internet. These software tools could, for example, detect whether a broadband provider is interfering with DNS responses, application packet headers, or content.

Mac App Store Officially Coming January 6

Apple announced that its Mac App Store will officially open on January 6 (a Thursday). With this, Apple hopes to capitalize on the success it’s had with its App store for iPhone and iPad apps for its older Mac brand. 

Right away, the store will be available in 90 countries, and will feature paid and free apps in a variety of categories like Games, Productivity, Education, Graphics & Design, Lifestyle, and Utilities. 

Google Wave Lives on as Apache Wave

Earlier this year Google made an unexpected move when it announced it would shut down Google Wave as a standalone product. Since then, despite a lack of mainstream use, it has become clear that Google Wave has a loyal fan base, and Google has made efforts to open source much of the code behind Wave. 

Google Woos Devs With Events Page, Advocate Bios

Both in terms of holding a person’s interest and making sure he (or she) does things right, allowing an individual to spend hours alone, staring at a computer screen, is not always the best way to handle a situation.  So to better engage with developers, Google’s introducing Advocate Bios and Developer Events pages.

Google Announces 10,000-Unit Google TV Giveaway
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Developers with an interest in Google TV might want to start clearing space in their dens for a set-top unit.  Google’s announced that it intends to give away a whopping 10,000 Logitech Revue devices in order to spur interest in the Google TV ecosystem.

We should note that Google’s not just trying to get apps built; this promotion is designed more to encourage the optimization (or creation) of websites for Google TV users.

Influential VC Firm Creates $250M Social Fund

Entrepreneurs who are interested in creating social apps and services may be in luck.  This afternoon at Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers announced the creation of the $250 million sFund Initiative designed to assist some individuals.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Zynga’s Mark Pincus, and Comcast’s Brian Roberts were all on hand to lend support (along with John Doerr and Bing Gordon of KPCB), which may be an interesting sign of the sFund Initiative’s importance.

Wouldn’t it Be Useful to Have Dictionary Functionality From Any App?
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Dictionary.com has launched a new API Developer Center, which has some pretty interesting implicatons for mobile apps, given that words are pretty universal. Developers can integrate Dictionary.com content and features into their products and services.