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Google May Take Over More Design Jobs
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Web designers beware. Google is expanding its templates for Google Sites, which is part of Google Apps, and the company is really pushing Google Apps these days. What this means is that as more businesses adopt Google Apps and find a wider variety of site templates to choose from, the less they may need the services of web designers for basic design work (developers are a different story).

Employee Fired From American Airlines For Transparent Email

What is it with airlines?

If they’re not breaking guitars, their pilots are missing airports, or they’re berating people that are trying to help them.

StumbleUpon Integrating More Social Aspects Into Redesign

Earlier this month, StumbleUpon started showcasing their new homepage design, when they touted their “Google + Twitter” social search. Now they’ve gone through the rest of the site to make it more consistent (less customizable), easy to understand and streamlined.

Google Makes Biggest Design Changes to Maps Yet

Google is rolling out the biggest set of changes it has ever made to Google Maps since it launched nearly five years ago. The changes come in a variety of manners, like refinements to color, density, typography, and road-styling. These changes are visible in the "map" and "hybrid" views around the world.

Facebook Makes Subtle Changes to Design
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Facebook has quietly made a few changes to its design. It’s not exactly a huge overhaul that will provoke the backlash that last year’s big redesign did, but just a few simple things that people shouldn’t have too much of a problem with.

Google Tweaks AdSense Fonts for Better Performance
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Google is updating the default font faces associated with specific AdSense ad formats. The decision to do so is based on findings that different fonts perform better with different formats.

Microsoft Puts Out New Version of Silverlight
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Microsoft has launched Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 today. Silverlight is a browser plug-in that enables companies to design, develop, and deliver web apps. Expression is a set of design tools and technologies.

The new Silverlight release in particular is big news. Over 1/3 of Internet devices have installed version 2 since its launch less than nine months ago.

Microsoft also announced that MGM and NBC Sports are using Silverlight for different forthcoming video efforts.

Men Want It Fast, Women Want It All
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The following is based on research, not sexism or prejudice of any kind. Conclusions are by nature overly general, and there are many exceptions to the following “rules” of masculine and feminine behavior. Quite simply, there really are general and stark differences in the behaviors men and women, but this fact should never be used for discrimination or other types of abuse. Also, in the following, jokes and wisecracks abound. The author apologizes in advance if you don’t find him funny and reminds you they’re only jokes.

Google Image Search Adds New Features
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Google has been working on a couple of new features for Google Image Search. The first one is the addition of suggestions for Google Image Search, which is basically just Google Suggest for the image search engine.

Getting More Income Out Of Your Existing Site
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I probably don’t have to tell you that people are looking for ways to make extra income in this economy. Luckily there are ways you can get extra revenue out of sites you already have.

A Google spokesperson tells WebProNews that the company is seeing more and more people doing just that. "We’ve also been seeing regular people capitalizing on changes in consumer behavior (ie, more people searching for recipe sites and therefore stay at home mom’s creating recipe blogs as a result)," he says.

Google Tips for More Conversions
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You can use every marketing strategy under the sun, but if they don’t translate into conversions, it’s all for nothing. Some methods take longer than others to lead to conversions, and there are hundreds of variables that come into play for the success of any campaign.

Conversions end with your site.
That’s why you need to concentrate on what is and what isn’t working. There are plenty of web analytics tools that can help you figure out where your traffic is coming from, where you are losing your visitors, etc.

Facebook Makes Some Changes
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Original Article (update at the end): 

There are a couple of newsworthy Facebook changes going on. The first would be changes to the social network’s terms of service.

Yahoo Close to Launching New Homepage
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Since last fall, Yahoo has been testing new concepts for its homepage, but the company says it is now getting close to a final design. The other day Yahoo issued an update on the homepage testing and included a recap of what has been done and what is still being done.

4 Helpful Firefox Add-Ons for AdSense Publishers
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Google has highlighted a few Firefox add-ons that could be of great use to AdSense publishers. These include:

eBay Sellers Getting More Changes
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eBay’s users aren’t the only ones down on the company. A Collins Stewart analyst has lowered it’s stock rating to "Sell," claiming that eBay will continue to lose market share to Amazon this year, and weaken in the advertising department.

Another Batch of Tips for Optimizing Your AdSense
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Last week, Google began a series of videos called "Optimisation Essentials" for AdSense tips. When I reported on that, some discussion was sparked in our comments, and hopefully that will continue now because Google has put up the second video in the series. The theme here is "Dress for success – impressing your audience."

Twitter Changes Design For Performance

Like anyone that uses a social networking tool on a frequent basis, I’ve become accustomed to the way Twitter looks and operates. So, when the company–without warning–changed the design, I had the typical knee-jerk reaction: Nooooooooo!

Accepting The New Facebook Design
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Google Maps Redesign in the Works?
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Philipp Lenssen over at Google Blogoscoped has happened across what appears to be a possible redesign in the works for Google Maps.

The thing is, not everyone can see it. Luckily, he includes screenshots. Philipp had this to say about it:

AffiliatePrograms.com Launches New Website

AffilatePrograms.com just launched their new website. If you visited the site in the past, it pretty much looked like a directory with a forum. But now with their new design they have made a lot of improvements.

Bad Content Equals Bad Sales
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What I like about Jakob Nielsen’s posts most is the grumpy-old-man-ness in the underlying tone. It makes me almost think he’s family. But along with the why-doesn’t-anybody-ever-listen-to-me attitude comes some sage-like advice. This time it’s about how bad content trumps other design flaws in terms of what’s bad for business.

But before that, it’s about elevator buttons: